Burmese immigrant founds a team “Mingalar par” that promotes Myanmar Street located in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City

Yang Wan Li founded a team “Mingalar par”. (Photo / Provided by Yang Wan Li)
Yang Wan Li founded a team “Mingalar par”. (Photo / Provided by Yang Wan Li)
Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】translated by CHI CHIA I

In cooperation with IC Voice FM97.5【New Students Report For Sharing -We are in Taiwan】, a series of exciting stories about new immigrants in Taiwan is launched. This episode invites an immigrant from Myanmar – Yang Wan Li (楊萬利). When she was a child, she followed her parents and came to Taiwan. Now, she is serving as a Burmese cultural guide of Myanmar Street located at Huaxin Street, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City. She has gained confidence after receiving positive reviews from tourists.

In 2016, with several tour guides, they co-founded the “Mingalar par Myanmar Street Team” to introduce Myanmar culture to Taiwanese, enabling more visitors to get to know Huaxin Street.

Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】presents this episode in 5 languages including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian, enabling more readers and listeners to explore the team’s hard work throughout these years.

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The team launched a picture book “Who has eaten my pea fritters?” (Photo / Provided by Yang Wan Li)

“Mingalar par Myanmar Street Team” launched a picture book “Who has eaten my pea fritters?” in October 2020. It tells a story about one needs to adapt to new environments while studying and living abroad. Besides, special material was placed on a page of each picture book, allowing one to see their own unique face.

In December 2020, the proactive team held the “Myanmar Street Walking Movement”. Through the sound and food illustration, participants can have a better understanding of this place.

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Readers are welcome to listen to the team’s podcast. (Photo / Provided by Yang Wan Li)

The editor of IC Voice FM97.5 has ever visited Myanmar Street which is rich in exotic culture and enjoyed fresh fish soup noodles, Burmese fritters, and milk tea there. Through the promotion of the “Mingalar par Myanmar Street Team”, one could understand Myanmar culture from different perspectives.

Lastly, readers are welcome to follow the Facebook Fan Page of the team as well as listen to the podcast sharing everything about Southeastern cultures.

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