Should young women with breast cancer undergo treatment or focus on fertility? Doctors recommend two options to preserve life

The incidence of breast cancer among modern people is increasing. Illustrated by Heho Health.
The incidence of breast cancer among modern people is increasing. Illustrated by Heho Health.

When young women are diagnosed with breast cancer, deciding whether to prioritize treatment or consider fertility is a complex and personalized decision. Doctors provide recommendations based on the patient's condition, treatment effectiveness, and fertility desires. Here are two common options for patients to consider: 


Option 1: Treatment First, Then Fertility

  1. Active Treatment:
    • Surgery: Depending on the size and location of the tumor, a mastectomy or partial mastectomy may be necessary.
    • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is essential for certain types of breast cancer. It can affect fertility, but some women can regain fertility after treatment.
    • Radiation and Hormone Therapy: Depending on the tumor characteristics, adjuvant therapy may be required.

Breast cancer patients should actively discuss coping strategies with their doctors. Illustrated by iLongtermcare.

  1. Fertility Planning:
    • Fertility Preservation Techniques: Before treatment, consider collecting and freezing eggs or embryos to preserve future fertility.
    • Post-Treatment Waiting: After completing treatment, doctors typically recommend waiting a period (usually 2 to 5 years) to ensure there is no recurrence before considering pregnancy.

Option 2: Fertility First, Then Treatment 


  1. Risk Assessment:
    • Medical Evaluation: If the tumor is small and slow-growing, doctors might agree to delay treatment for a short period to complete fertility plans.
    • Close Monitoring: During this time, close monitoring of tumor changes is essential to ensure it does not worsen.
  2. Fertility Planning:
    • Quick Conception: Under stable conditions, proceed with pregnancy and childbirth quickly.
    • Post-Delivery Treatment: Immediately start comprehensive breast cancer treatment after childbirth.

Maintaining a good mood helps in the recovery process. Illustrated by Pexels.

Doctor's Recommendations:

  1. Personalized Treatment Plan: Each patient's condition and fertility desires are different, requiring doctors to develop individualized treatment plans based on specific circumstances.
  2. Psychological Support and Counseling: This is a difficult decision-making process, and patients need psychological support and professional counseling to make the best choice for themselves.
  3. Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Consult with breast cancer experts, gynecologists, and fertility specialists to develop the optimal treatment and fertility plan.

Regardless of the chosen option, close communication with the doctor to understand the risks and benefits of treatment is crucial. Doctors will provide the best advice based on the latest medical research and technologies to help patients find the best balance between treatment and fertility.



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