Taiwan: Force for Good” to Let Taiwan be seen by the Globe.

Photo provided by NIA
Photo provided by NIA
Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】Editor/ Tim Wu (吳宗翰)

[Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network]In order to promote Taiwan's positive image to the world, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has produced a multilingual video "Taiwan: Force for Good", showing Taiwan's advancement in a variety of industries. Chinese and English versions have currently been uploaded.

The “Taiwan: Force for Good” video features perspectives of three foreign journalists, backpackers, business travelers, to explore five themes: "friendly and livable," "multiculturalism," "innovation and sustainability," "democracy and human rights," and "international collaboration." Describe Taiwan's cuisine culture, pluralistic society, religious freedom, advanced technology, circular economy, and international aid initiatives, among other things, and completely display Taiwan's distinctive qualities from the viewpoint of tourists.

The video lasts for roughly 8 minutes. The Chinese and English versions have been uploaded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trending Taiwan(潮台灣)’s YouTube channels. Additionally, it is available for usage on special occasions by foreign embassies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs simultaneously issued subtitles in 10 languages, including Japanese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote Taiwan to viewers worldwide with the video.


Chinese version: 台灣 良善力量

English version: Taiwan: Force for Good

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