New Immigrants Visit the Wonderland--Bitan

The four YouTubers go cycling around the riverbank of Bitan    (Photo/Authorized & Provided by老外在幹嘛)
The four YouTubers go cycling around the riverbank of Bitan (Photo/Authorized & Provided by老外在幹嘛)

Video Authorized & Provided by::老外在幹嘛

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Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】Bitan Scenic Area is located near MRT Xindian Station.  It was voted as one of “Taiwan’s Twelve Wonders”.  The blue river and the peaceful scenery are just beside the downtown of the Xindian District. Just taking a 3-minute walk, experience a different atmosphere to the busy city.

In this episode of “ New Immigrants in Taiwan”, the four YouTubers Susu from Turkey, Christina from Hungary, Boris from Malaysia, and Riko from Japan, go cycling around the riverbank, ride in a Swan Pedal Boat and taste one of the traditional snacks “Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice” in Bitan. 

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They go cycling and enjoy the scenery at the same time(Photo/Authorized & Provided by 老外在幹嘛)

Taking the MRT to Xindian Station within a 3-minute walk, the atmosphere is quite different from the downtown of the city.  Boris says, now he realizes that “Swan Pedal Boat” is not “Swan”.  He doesn’t take the boat, but the two ladies do.  Rinko can’t stand steady at the beginning and screams because she feels scared.    

Christina takes the boat with Rinko as well.  They ride hard and shout “Let’s get started and speed up!” Unfortunately, the boat is out of control and doesn’t move in the direction they want.  As their skills get better and better, they can control the boat easily, and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time.  

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Riding in a Swan Pedal Boat is a popular activity in Bitan(Photo/Authorized & Provided by老外在幹嘛)

One of the landmarks in Bitan is an 85-year-old bridge “Bitan Suspension Bridge”.  People used to commute both banks of Bitan by small boat before the bridge was built.  The bridge was important for transportation in the past.  Now, it’s a must-see landmark for tourists.

Before the four YouTubers cross the bridge, Boris says “go cross the bridge” in Taiwanese (In Taiwanese, it means after people die, when their souls cross the bridge, they will be reincarnation.) Susu also tries to speak this Taiwanese vocabulary, but with incorrect pronunciation.  For this, the subtitles on the video remind the audience don’t to do that as Boris and Susu do. 

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The vendor teaches them how to eat(Photo/Authorized & Provided by老外在幹嘛)

The four YouTubers meet on the suspension bridge.  They are very hungry and can’t way to eat something.  They buy one of the famous traditional snacks “Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice”.  The vendor also teaches them how to eat this snack.  They say that it’s very delicious and the food with a good smell.

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