Korean new immigrant taste Taiwanese New Year dishes

Ryan shared the change in his taste for food after coming to Taiwan. Photo: Provided and authorized by Mi Lei
Ryan shared the change in his taste for food after coming to Taiwan. Photo: Provided and authorized by Mi Lei
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(Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network) – Mi Lei, a YouTuber from South Korea, has lived in Taiwan for two years. On her YouTube channel "Mi Lei 미래", she shared about her life in Taiwan, her interesting videos about her life, and her interaction with her Taiwanese boyfriend, Teacher Lin, which attracted many people to watch. In this episode "New Immigrants in Taiwan", Mi Lei and her three foreign friends experience the must-eat Chinese New Year dishes in Taiwan.

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Mi Lei invited Heida from South Korea, Hiro from Japan who has been in Taiwan for more than a year, and Ryan, an American who has been in Taiwan for three years. The four of them have never eaten New Year's dishes. Ryan said that he often saw New Year's dishes in convenience stores, but never bought them. They excitedly prepared five New Year dishes, which were honey sauce, rice noodles with pomfret, Buddha jumps over the wall, pork ribs and rice cakes with sesame oil.

When tasting pomfret rice noodles, Ryan shared the change in his taste after he came to Taiwan. Ryan said with a smile, "When I first arrived in Taiwan, I thought that Taiwanese food was tasteless because American food was sweet, salty or spicy." He now has a Taiwanese taste, and he was not used to the taste of food when he returned to the United States. When it was his turn to eat the ribs, Hiro could not help but shout about the delicious taste, while Mi Lei and Heida expressed the deliciousness in a Korean way – so delicious that they frowned and seemed to be angry.

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At the end of the video, the four of them enjoyed fragrant sesame oil glutinous rice cakes. Mi Lei said that Taiwanese New Year dishes are very delicious, and one will gain weight if they cannot stop eating. In addition, they also experienced the children’s favorite part of Taiwan's Chinese New Year, the "Red Packet". They exchanged auspicious greetings and experienced Taiwan's Chinese New Year customs.

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