NTU pioneered the Mentorship Program specially planned for international students

NTU launched the NTU International Mentorship Program. (Photo / Retrieved from Pixabay)
NTU launched the NTU International Mentorship Program. (Photo / Retrieved from Pixabay)
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As countries are getting internationalized, more outstanding talents chose to study and seek jobs in Taiwan. To provide foreign students a smoother path to study in Taiwan, the National Taiwan University (NTU) launched the "NTU International Mentorship Program (台大國際引路人計畫)." The program partners with more than 70 institutions including foreign chambers of commerce in Taiwan and foreign companies.

During the summer vacation, 170 international students were provided with internships at various units, achieving the goal of nurturing and retaining talents.

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NTU pioneered the Mentorship Program and its Principal Guan Zhong Min (管中閔) signed a letter of intent to cooperate with more than 70 institutions. There are foreign chambers of commerce in Taiwan, government organizations, start-ups, local enterprises, foreign companies, non-governmental organizations, academic and research institutions, etc. In the future, senior cadres of these units will serve as intern tutors for international students.

Principal Guan mentioned that NTU attracts about 3,000 international students coming from 70 countries every year. Within them, there are degree students and exchange students, and the Mentorship Program enables the students to have internship opportunities, understand industries and build connections in Taiwan. Therefore, there is a higher possibility that these talents will stay in Taiwan.

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Besides, NTU reminds students wishing to join the program to understand if intern salaries and accommodations are provided. In addition, if the match is successful, students can start a 10-week off-campus internship during the summer vacation.

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