We are the new immigrant of the earth – Golden Bell Awards winner Wang Shuzhen’s becoming Environmental Education pioneer

We are the new immigrant of the earth – Golden Bell Awards winner Wang Shuzhen’s becoming Environmental Education pioneer

王書貞 Wang Shuzhen
A new immigrant from Thailand who has been accepted as a Taiwanese national and has received her citizenship ID card.
Master's Degree, National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Environmental Education

• Police Broadcasting Service (警察廣播電台) Broadcast Host
• National Educational radio (教育廣播電台) Broadcast Host
• First Golden Bell Awards (金鐘獎)winner as New Immigrants from Thailand.
• Nominated in 12 categories of the Golden Bell Awards(金鐘獎) in Radio Broadcast programs.
• 3 Golden Bell Awards winner
• Established in 2010 the first social enterprise in Taiwan for environmental education, Friendly Seed(環境友善種子)

My name is Wang Shuzhen, my parents are overseas Chinese from Myanmar, and I was born in Thailand. In elementary school, my family had the chance to apply for relocation to Taiwan with my grandfather.

When we first moved to Taiwan, we lived near the Highland Experimental Farm, National Taiwan University (台大實驗農場). The sounds of the frogs and the birds reminded me of Thailand. I would reminisce of my younger self when I was surrounded by the nature of the NTU Highland Experimental Farm, and I would feel a sense of belonging.

I participated in summer camps organized by China Youth Corps when I was in high school. That was the great opportunity for me to explored mountains, forests, and wetlands in Taiwan, That reminded me of Chiang Mai Thailand. Being homesick made me experience familiarity with Taiwan's natural environment. A sense of belonging also sparked my interest of joined the Society of Wilderness (SOW) as a volunteer interpreter. It was a great experience for me to be able to practice my Chinese speaking skills. I found self-confidence in explaining the natural and ecological environment. This was when I discovered my passion for the environment and ecology.

Regarding to my university studies was majored in journalism . I applied the job as radio station broadcast hots at Police Broadcasting Service (警察廣播電台) and National Educational radio (教育廣播電台) after graduation. According to my passionate about the environmental protection education issues. I was focus on combined the environmental education with mass communication. I was glad that has been nominated in 12 categories in the Golden Bell Awards and won the 3 Golden Bell Broadcasting Awards.

Many of Audients were surprised once they found out I was actually the immigrant from Thailand which without noticed any accent from my Chinese .

Humans are the "new immigrants" of the earth
After some time, I returned to my hometown, Chiang Mai City in Thailand, with my parents. We visited my childhood home; the big red door and the swing in the yard were the same as I remembered them, however, the greenery and mountains that used to be there no longer exist.
By surrounding myself with nature, I found confidence and a sense of belonging. It does not matter wherever we were born, wherever we grew up or whatever language we speak. In the end, everybody comes from the same earth.

However, most people are indifferent towards environmental degradation, habitat destruction, loss of culture, and species extinction. I finally realized that humans are the "new immigrants" of the earth. Environmental education does not discriminate race, language, or culture, and I believe that education can touch the hearts of the people, change their values, and encourage them to take action.

Leading public institutions and private enterprises in the development of Environmental Education
In 2010, I founded the「Friendly Seed」(環境友善種子), standing for ‘Friendly toward Sustainable Environmental Education Development,’ is a corporation that dedicates to the innovation and development of environmental education (EE) services. which is the Taiwan's first enterprise for environmental education.

The corporation was founded by a group of professionals who are passionate to plant friendly seeds in the soil of environmental education. As a social enterprise, our primary goal is to promote the ideas and tools of sustainability to society, and thus bring about change.
I am glad to gathered a group of EE professions, biology and also forestry studies crews to work on this “Friendly seeds “ program . Even we have Facing modern issues like habitat destruction, species extinction and cultural lost, we bring solutions not only through field learning courses that encourage learner’s creativity, but also by holding lectures and training workshops for different education units that can affect more audiences.

The Faith of 「Friendly Seeds」that provide the professional and passionate environmental organization with a vision of a friendly environment. Hopefully, that we can be the seeds which spread good thoughts to our cherished environment.

In these past few years, we have been actively working with public institutions, schools, and enterprises in promoting environmental education. We continue to cooperate with the following: National parks, the Forestry Bureau, the Tourism Bureau, the Environmental Protection Administration, the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Central Weather Bureau, the Sewerage Systems Office, and many more. 「Friendly Seed」(環境友善種子) enterprises also provide consultants, experience program design, employee training, facilities, and board planning discussions, etc. To expand the scope of environmental education, the members of the Friendly Seed commentary are trained new immigrants who can provide services in English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, and many more languages. This is so that environmental education will not be limited by any language barriers. We also want to call out to more new immigrants, foreign friends, and international students from all over the world to join us here in Taiwan. We have traveled all over the country and explored its oceans, forests, wetlands, and islands to learn about Taiwan's environment. Let us all work together in preserving it.

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