Liu, Liu, Chinese New Immigrant Dance her Dream in Taiwan

Group photo of Teacher Liu, Liu(in the middle), Yang, Qiao-Yu(楊喬宇)(right) and Chen, Qiu-Liu(陳秋柳) (left) Picture reproduced from National Education Radio
Group photo of Teacher Liu, Liu(in the middle), Yang, Qiao-Yu(楊喬宇)(right) and Chen, Qiu-Liu(陳秋柳) (left) Picture reproduced from National Education Radio
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[Taiwan New Immigrants’ Global News Network] cooperated with [Happiness United Nations] of National Education Radio to report stories of new immigrants in Taiwan. In this episode "Hobbies Can Also be My Job" (broadcast on May 30th on the National Educational Radio), Liu, Liu, a new immigrant from China, is specially invited to be interviewed by the hosts Chen, Qiu-Liu(陳秋柳) and Yang, Qiao-Yu(楊喬宇). Liu, Liu shared her story of how she persisted in dancing despite her family’s objections and continued to work hard after coming to Taiwan to become a professional dancer and yoga teacher. “Being a yoga teacher is my favorite job and performing is my hobby. Combining interests with work."

[Taiwan New Immigrants’ Global News Network] also translated and written the episode into 5 languages including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian, in this way, more readers and audiences can be better understood by the life of the new immigrants in a foreign country.

“I am genuinely happy and comfortable with the environment of Taiwan and Taiwanese society. We are accepted by the people here which always brought happiness in my life!” Three of them laughed with the opening by teacher Liu, Liu.

Teacher Liu,Liu Picture reproduced from National Education Radio

Liu, Liu (Taso, Su-Liu), who was originally from Guangdong, China, and has been married to Taiwan for 15 years for love. Liu, Liu is usually busy on teaching dance and performing on weekdays. She currently works as a dance teacher at the Nangang Sports Center, the new immigrant courses launched by the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the community center. She also teaches yoga. "I am quite busy now for running between different centers and places."

“Is dancing even a job?” Liu, Liu recalled on the road of her dreams, which was full of doubts and obstacles. Faced doubts from her father, she used to obey to her family's advice and gave up dancing, but those two years were the most depressing period in her life, and she couldn't find herself at all.

According to Liu, Liu that her father raised objections to her work, marriage, or love. Even when she wanted to marry to her husband in Taiwan, her father said, "If you marry him, we will have no relationship!"  Liu, Liu was sad but wanted to be brave for love once. However, after married to Taiwan, she still encountered difficulties. Unexpectedly, her in-laws also commented on her frequent "publicity", questioned her work, and even felt that she was not suitable for her husband.

“But I never give up, I will prove it with my profession.” Liu, Liu has continued to improve her dance skills. Not only did she win the professional team championship in the 2016 Malaysian Oriental Dance Championship, but also participated in dance competitions in Taiwan and won the top three. She impressed her family with awards.

The host asked: "So have you reconciled with your father?" Another host immediately responded: "Of course! He has seen his daughter won an award on TV." Teacher Liu, Liu laughed and said, "Thanks to my husband, who never limit my development that made me today.” The host couldn’t help saying to Liu Liu’s father, “Dad, dancing can be a job!”

"After giving birth to my first child, I felt that maybe my life was coming to an end of a chapter." She did not forget her original intention and invited several good friends who are new immigrants too to practice dancing in the gym downstairs of her home and formed "Happy Mother Group.” Unexpectedly, there were more and more students, and the place became too small for them, so Liu, Liu borrowed a place from the district office. Later, the Civil Affairs Bureau hired her to teach more new immigrants. "At that time, I really didn't know where the courage came from." It also allowed Liu, Liu to embark on the road of dancing again.

The host asked: "What is the biggest difficulty along the way? How to overcome it?" Liu, Liu said, "If foreign spouses want to sing, dance, or take the way of being artists, sometimes we will dress rather revealingly. People who don't know about us will think that we work in the sex trade, and everyone looks at you in different eye. But we must overcome our own barriers first, I have to be strong, we didn’t steal or rob, and we got it right, time will prove it for you.”

The host went on to say, "There is a process for understandings and agreements from the society and family. You have to be confident in the process, because you are the only one who understands yourself in the world." Teacher Liu, Liu added, "Sometimes we get panic and frightened, then you have to ask yourself, what your heart lacks? Then go to fill it.”

In the end, the host joked and said, "So when you are exhausted physically and mentally and want to relax, you can go to teacher Liu, Liu for lessons." Liu, Liu said, "No problem, The first class is free of charge!"

More on: “Hobbies Can Also be My Job” of [Happiness United Nations] of National Education Radio

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