Emmy-winning host Erica Olsen experiences the beauty of Taiwan

Emmy-winning host Erica Olsen comes to Taiwan   (Photo/Authorized & Provided by Taiwan Tourism Bureau)
Emmy-winning host Erica Olsen comes to Taiwan (Photo/Authorized & Provided by Taiwan Tourism Bureau)

Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】Erica Olsen was invited by Taiwan Tourism Bureau to travel to Taiwan and shot a TV show (Inside SoCal) for appealing to tourists from North America.  The program will be shown on the American TV channel CBS.

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Erica Olsen travels to Tainan City(Photo/Authorized & Provided by Tainan City Government)

From October 13 to the end of December last year, there were about 79,000 travelers from the US and Canada to travel to Taiwan.  The tourism bureau cooperated with the American TV channel CBS and invited the Emmy-winning host Erica Olsen to film the TV show.  Erica Olsen said she would like to travel to Taiwan for a long time. So, she was glad to receive this invitation and removed one thing from her bucket list.

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Erica Olsen visits the tea plantation in Chaiyi(Photo/Authorized & Provided by Erica Olsen’s Facebook Fan page)

Erica Olsen started her journey from Taipei city to Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Chaiyi for a week.  She experienced modern, historical, and natural Taiwan at once on this trip. 

On her journey, she not only took a hot spring in Beitou but also took the restaurant bus and enjoy the night view in Taipei city.  After leaving Taipei, she experienced the historical atmosphere in Tainan.  Finally, she visit the tea plantation and watched the cherry blossom and the sunrise in Alishan National Scenic Area. 

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Erica Olsen visits Fo Guang Shan(Photo/Authorized & Provided by Erica Olsen’s Facebook Fan page)

The TV program “Inside SoCal” will be released in March.  The audience can watch this program in the U.S.

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