CECC announces the "vaccine + 1" program

CECC announces the "vaccine + 1" program    (Photo/Authorized & Provided by CECC)
CECC announces the "vaccine + 1" program (Photo/Authorized & Provided by CECC)

Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】As the pandemic slows down, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has announced the "vaccine + 1" program, which encourages people to get vaccinated for protection if they are unvaccinated, under-vaccinated, or unboosted.

The head of CECC Victor Wang suggested everyone should receive at least one Covid shot this year and the "vaccine + 1" program will be launched On March 6 and last until April 30.

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The information about the "vaccine + 1" program(Photo/Authorized & Provided by CECC)

The government has arranged for contracted medical institutions to provide vaccination services and set up more community vaccination stations to improve inoculation accessibility.

There are three groups of people who will be suggested to get vaccinated.  Firstly, those who haven’t received a single Covid vaccination dose.  Secondly, people who haven’t completed the basic Covid vaccine course of two shots.  Thirdly, people who are over 6 years old but never received the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech BA.5-adapted bivalent boosters.

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