The 2023 Grasstraw Festival brings you Diverse Cultural Experience

The staff and setting scene of the Cultural Market Photo provided by Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam website
The staff and setting scene of the Cultural Market Photo provided by Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam website
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 The "Grasstraw Festival," which was founded in 2009, has gathered more than 50 teams this year. More than 190 performances are scheduled for the event's dates of March 11, 12, 18, and 19. Foreign food stalls and other intriguing activities are also planned. The largest non-governmental, independently run art festival in Chiayi County, the interactive game event, is staged grandly after the epidemic was declared over.

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The 2023 Grasstraw Festival.Photo provided by Grasstraw Festival website

Culture & Tourism Bureau of Chiayi County, OUR THEATER(阮劇團), Khuôn viên văn hoá Viet Nam(越在嘉文化棧), and other organizations are hosting the 15th annual " Grasstraw Festival" this year, which will take place over the entire park of the Chiayi Performing Arts Center. This year's "Return of ____" (回歸線) is utilized as the yearly theme to communicate a diverse cultural environment. It combines six key initiatives, including theatre, music, dance, independent film festival, aesthetic market, and lecture hall. This year, a youth special zone, a music stage and a professional stage are added, which are anticipating showcase the cultural diversity.

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Performance of the Vietnamese artist from Saigon (新時代歌舞團)Photo provided by Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam website

With a total of 14 booths, this event specifically collaborated with Khuôn viên văn hoá Viet Nam to prepare the cultural market, bringing you Vietnam, India, China, Thailand, France, and Spain. many different foreign cuisines. In addition to the stunning performance of the Vietnamese artist from Saigon (新時代歌舞團), it will bring you LÔ TÔ SHOW, a very popular event in the Vietnamese countryside.

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Cuisine from Vietnam, Thailand, Spain and other countries.Photo provided by Khuôn viên văn hoá Việt Nam website

At the cultural Mmarket, you can also rent and buy Vietnamese traditional costumes and draw blessing totems from Indian culture on your hands if you wish to experience additional cultural traditions. There are, of course, many more delicious foods to try, including must-eat treats like cold papaya shreds, Mediterranean burritos, Spanish risotto, etc. The event is open to friends from all throughout Taiwan.

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