New Immigrant from America Tries Chinese Oil Rice and Douhua in Taoyuan

Elizabeth, a new immigrant from America tries old-fashioned Chinese oil Rice and douhua in Taoyuan. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by莎白Elizabeth)
Elizabeth, a new immigrant from America tries old-fashioned Chinese oil Rice and douhua in Taoyuan. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by莎白Elizabeth)
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A westerner speaking Taiwanese Mandarin fluently, Elizabeth, comes from America and has been living in Taiwan for more than 13 years. She has established a close relationship with Taiwan since young.

When she was a teenager, she received gifts – albums of S.H.E. and Rainie Yang from her father, and she found Chinese characters very interesting. Therefore, this aroused her interest in Taiwanese culture. While in secondary school, Elizabeth’s whole family moved to Taiwan because of her dad’s job, which further connects Elizabeth with Taiwan.

The vivacious Elizabeth got married to a Taiwanese and created a YouTube Channel that shares the special food, culture, and life of Taiwan and the United States. In this episode of the “New Immigrants in Taiwan” column, Elizabeth – a 12-year local resident of Taoyuan – is here to disprove the myth that Taoyuan is a food desert.

“Don’t underestimate the food in Taoyuan, there are oldies but goodies.” Elizabeth spoke in Taiwanese accent while confidently introducing soy pudding, sticky rice, and taro pork noodles.

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Even on weekdays, the store (大溪賴祖傳豆花) is packed with customers because of its low price and abundance. Elizabeth instantly ordered a bowl of tofu pudding (douhua). The brown sugar-flavored soup incorporates tofu pudding, mochi, barley, peanuts and crushed ice. Elizabeth held a bowl of douhua and sat on the motorcycle to sample it because the shop had no seats. She remarked, "If I had consumed this variety of douhua, I would not be scared of it and would have it every day. It's wonderful and fantastic!"

After dessert, Elizabeth tasted the Chinese oil rice(游記百年油飯) which has earned great compliments from Elizabeth, "This is my favorite meal. The sweet and spicy sauce is just on-point, the rice is very soft, and the meat is very tender!"

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After eating, Elizabeth took outthe delicious meals in the store home to enjoy. She fell in love with this old-fashioned restaurant, and said frankly: "I will definitely come back again."

Elizabeth discovered on the way that this store (百年排骨酥麵) was located near her first home after coming to Taiwan. She ordered noodles with taro and pork ribs. Elizabeth shared: "The ribs are very tasty, and the soup is 100% delicious." However, the fried pork ribs soaked in the soup becomes softer. She thinks the crispy pork ribs is more suitable for her appetite.

Elizabeth concluded by describing the ideal date she would go on: "Eat Chinese oil rice, then tofu pudding, then go shopping in Daxi Old Street, and then buy a traditional cheongsam."

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