New Residents Take the Alishan Small Train to Experience the Delicious Food on the Mountain at Sunrise

New residents from Turkey, Hungary and Malaysia visited Alishan together. (Image/courtesy of 老外在幹嘛)
New residents from Turkey, Hungary and Malaysia visited Alishan together. (Image/courtesy of 老外在幹嘛)
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[Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] "Alishan National Scenic Area" has five classic wonders that cannot be missed: sunrise, sea of clouds, railway, forest, and sunset. The breathtaking natural beauty makes people linger. It has always been one of the must-see attractions for domestic and foreign tourists. In this episode of "New Residents Seeing Taiwan" episode, three people, Shu Shu from Turkey, Christina from Hungary, and Boris from Malaysia, experienced the Alishan train for the first time, admiring the magnificent scenery and delicious food on the mountain.

Alishan small train in red and orange. (Image/courtesy of 老外在幹嘛)

When the train bell rang, the three new residents excitedly stepped into the small red and orange train, and listened to the guide explaining the Alishan Railway legend in the warm and comfortable compartment. After the Sino-Japanese War in 1985, Japan came to Taiwan and discovered that Alishan was rich in forest resources. A total of eight routes were planned to transport the resources down the mountain, and finally the "Alishan Forestry Railway" that is now preserved was adopted.

"This is the first time in my life that I have taken such a slow train, and the scenery can be seen clearly," Shu Shu said. After the train slowly passed the shaped wooden bridge and the heavy green mountains, it greeted the scenery like a landscape painting with splashed ink. Passengers couldn't help picking up their mobile phones and cameras to record this cloud-shrouded fairyland on earth.

In addition to the natural beauty, the buildings on the mountain are also full of local elements. The convenience store located in Alishan National Forest Amusement Park, the exterior wall is covered with Atayal totem tiles. Known as the post office closest to the sky, the Alishan Post Office has a palace-like appearance, with red, white and green colors exuding an antique flavor. A large steam train stamp outside has become a tourist attraction for local tourists. In addition, the wooden Alishan Station embodies the characteristics of local cultural assets.

The wild yellow-throated marten encountered during the journey.(Image/courtesy of 老外在幹嘛)

Indispensable to this trip is "watching the sunrise". The next day, the three of them took a small train to chase the sunrise at five o'clock in the morning when the temperature was only four degrees. When buying breakfast, they also met a few Taiwanese macaques who were eyeing the tea eggs. And two yellow-throated martens that sprang out from the grass with agility, one of them stood up like a curious baby and looked at the crowd, and then happily hopped away.

Sunny Jade Mountain. (Image/courtesy of 老外在幹嘛)

Arriving at the viewing platform, Shu Shu ran excitedly and pointed to the sky and said, "He will appear soon, and I am looking forward to the appearance of Mr. Sun." After sunrise, there was a ray of dawn. Although there was fog, it still couldn't hide the sight of Yushan and the sun. Christina was deeply moved by the beautiful scenery, and said, "I am very happy, we must come back to watch the sunrise in summer next time!"

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