Social Distancing App helps with the coronavirus prevention

Social Distancing App helps with the coronavirus prevention

NIA Global News】/translated by Amy Hsieh

Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control (CDC) launched a Social Distancing App to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. The app hopes to make the contact tracing of COVID-19 easier. 

According to the  social distancing APP, the APP is a community project initiated by the Taiwan Centers of Disease Control and Taiwan AI Labs aiming to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

The app was developed by Taiwan AI Labs. CDC mentioned that the app was finished in April 2020. However, due to privacy concerns, CDC did not launch the app right away. 

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The app was designed to reduce the exposure risk of the COVID-19 cases. The  social distancing APP  mentions, the app will notify people when sending a reminder for people to keep social distances when they get close to those confirmed with the coronavirus.  

People will have to enter their Bluetooth identification codes while using the app.  Social distancing APP  says Taiwan Social Distancing App leveraged Bluetooth device signal to estimate the physical social interactions out of devices close to the individual. The data with anonymous hashed ID history is stored at each device for up to 28 days.

 CDC also mentions the app will also protect people’s privacy. If owner of a device with Taiwan Social Distancing App confirmed infectious diseases, the individual can choose to share the anonymous hashed ID number. Therefore, the device ever physically close to the individual will get noticed without knowing who was confirmed and when was the interactions. It will help to save other lives with privacy protected.

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Image courtesy of CDC.

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