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Taiwan's population consists of over 700,000 migrant workers, a number so large it emphasizes their role in Taiwanese society. Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network shares the following series of informative videos about the lives of migrant workers in Taiwan. Watch the broadcast here:0807 NIA video news report-English

News in Focus (August 2 – August 8)

  • President Tsai calls on the public to register for vaccinations

President Tsai announced that large-scale vaccination will push through. President Tsai announced that vaccinations will become a "national movement". This is to ensure the safety of Taiwan as soon as possible. For foreigners living in Taiwan who have not registered, please remember to do so as soon as possible.

  • Vaccine registration is now open for foreigners

The list of people eligible for vaccination is expanding. The CECC announced that foreigners, migrant workers, and new immigrants possessing ARCs(Alien Resident Certificate)can also register for vaccinations. You can register for appointments online using your ARC(Alien Resident Certificate)number and NHI(National Health Insurance)number. Regardless of the ARC number(old or new), you can register as long as you have an NHI card.(For more information:Vaccine registration for migrant workers and foreigners: New or old ID numbers can be used

  • Relief funds for migrant workers will be accepted until the end of August

The Taiwan government issues various relief subsidies during the epidemic. Migrant workers are eligible to receive relief subsidies. As long as they are included in employment insurance at the end of April and have a monthly insured salary of less than NTD23,100. They may also apply for the NTD10,000 living allowance.

  • The National Immigration Agency promotes free computer learning courses.

The NIA promotes the "2021 New Immigrants Digital Information Project". The project includes 8 popular computer-related courses for new immigrants. To educate people in digital information, and skills. Not only does it enrich the lives of new immigrants, but it also cultivates competitiveness. (For more information:National Immigration Agency offers free computer courses to new immigrants: “New Residents Digital Application Information Project”

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