Cataracts in Younger Individuals: Summer Eye Care Alert Analysis

Cataracts are becoming more common among younger people. Photo credit: Heho Health
Cataracts are becoming more common among younger people. Photo credit: Heho Health

With increased 3C usage, cataracts are becoming more common in younger Taiwanese, particularly those in their 30s and 40s. According to the Health Promotion Administration, cataracts rank second among chronic diseases, affecting 41.3%.

Currently, the only treatment for cataracts is replacing the lens with an artificial one. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dr. Chen Jin-Yun explains that cataracts are caused by aging of the lens, leading to blurred vision. High-risk groups include the elderly, people with severe myopia, diabetes, and those frequently exposed to sunlight. UV exposure and prolonged 3C usage can accelerate cataract development. Here are 8 symptoms to watch for and seek medical attention. 

Warning Signs:

  1. Reduced color sensitivity
  2. Increasing myopia
  3. Glare halos at night
  4. Double vision
  5. Daylight sensitivity
  6. Sudden disappearance of presbyopia
  7. Frequent falls
  8. Frequent need for new glasses

Eating dark leafy vegetables can help protect your eyes. Photo credit: Pexels

Treatment and Prevention:

Dr. Chen advises regular check-ups and, if necessary, cataract surgery, which involves replacing the cloudy lens with an artificial one. Post-surgery care includes wearing sunglasses and avoiding heavy lifting. To prevent cataracts, eat dark leafy vegetables rich in antioxidants like lutein and beta-carotene, and wear sunglasses outdoors to protect against UV rays.

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