Best attractions for hydrangea blooming season at Yangmingshan

Datitian Flower Ecological Park (大梯田花卉生態園區) Photo provided by Datitian Flower Ecological Park website(大梯田花卉生態園區)
Datitian Flower Ecological Park (大梯田花卉生態園區) Photo provided by Datitian Flower Ecological Park website(大梯田花卉生態園區)
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Yangmingshan offers lovely floral seasons throughout the year. At Zhuzihu (竹子湖), the calla lily season begins in April and lasts until mid-May. The hydrangea blooming season follows. Beginning on May 20, the hydrangea season at Zhuzihu will begin. Up to June 18th, it will continue. For new immigrant friends, [Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] sorts out the picturesque locations at Yangmingshan Zhuzihu locations to visit for hydrangea blooming season.

Datitian Flower Ecological Park (大梯田花卉生態園區)Photo provided by Datitian Flower Ecological Park website(大梯田花卉生態園區)

It is a terraced hydrangea farm when you arrive to the Datitian Flower Ecological Park (大梯田花卉生態園區). The terraced fields, which date back a century, were handed to the garden's owner by his relatives. Step by step, the owner has planted rhododendrons, calla lilies, hydrangeas, high-cold veggies, and Penglai rice. Create the terraced fields in the way they are now.

★Datitian Flower Ecological Park (大梯田花卉生態園區)


Da Shang Yuan hydrangeas (大賞園繡球花)Photo provided by Da Shang Yuan hydrangeas (大賞園繡球花) Facebook

In the "Da Shang Yuan" area, there is a huge and cute lucky cat signboard at the entrance, and the beautiful hydrangeas in the park make it the most popular attractions in Zhuzihu.

★Da Shang Yuan hydrangeas (大賞園繡球花)

Information: 大賞園繡球花(海芋)

Jaifu Garden (財福海芋田)Photo provided by Jaifu Garden (財福海芋田) Facebook

Jaifu Garden (財福海芋田) is named after the owner’s grandfather. Qixing Mountain, Datun Mountain, and Xiaoguanyin Mountain all encircle the cropland. Vegetables that could withstand extreme cold were first grown. It wasn't turned into attractive blooms in the 1970s. It kept operating as a farm for leisurely flower viewing. Since it has been open, it is anticipated that people will be able to hike in the highlands, retreat into their hearts, and experience the vigor of the flower fields in the volcano.

★Jaifu Garden (財福海芋田)

Information: 財福海芋田

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Zhuzihu Flower and Tree Hydrangea Garden (花與樹繡球花園)Photo provided by Zhuzihu Flower and Tree Hydrangea Garden (花與樹繡球花園) Facebook

On the crowded Zhuzihu Calla Lily Avenue is where you'll find the Flower and Tree Hydrangea Garden (花與樹繡球花園). The sea of hydrangeas that line the stone and brick path provide for a surreal fairyland-like experience as you stroll along it. The park also has a variety of seats so that visitors may relax and blend in with the blooms.

★Zhuzihu Flower and Tree Hydrangea Garden (花與樹繡球花園)

Information: 竹子湖 花與樹繡球花園

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Tsao’s Huatianxiang (曹家花田香)Photo provided by Tsao’s Huatianxiang (曹家花田香) Facebook

The main garden cafe at Tsao’s Huatianxiang (曹家花田香) is surrounded by hydrangeas and takes on the look of century-old terraced fields. In addition to flowers, the park also erects lovely dry flower homes that are accessible throughout the year. The creator of floral art was built by the proprietress, who also created a nice, romantic ambiance for visitors to enjoy while they checked in and took photographs.

★Tsao’s Huatianxiang (曹家花田香)


Kao’s Hydrangea Garden No.2 (高家繡球花園第二園區)Photo provided by Kao’s Hydrangea Garden No.2 (高家繡球花園第二園區) Facebook

Kao’s Hydrangea Garden No.2 earns its living via agriculture. In an effort to promote prosperity in the highlands, it has recently shared the flowers and plants it raises with the general public. The road surface in the Kao’s Hydrangea Garden No.2 is smooth and made of healing yellow rice bran. The huge, pristine hydrangea fields add to the scenery's freshness and comfort.

★Kao’s Hydrangea Garden No.2 (高家繡球花園第二園區)


Afternoon Sunshine Hydrangea Field (午後陽光繡球花田)Photo provided by Afternoon Sunshine Hydrangea Field (午後陽光繡球花田)Facebook

Afternoon Sunshine Hydrangea Field (午後陽光繡球花田) is located in the Dinghu area. It has a vast natural landscape with Xiaoyoukeng connected to the flower field, it is one of the attractions that influencers take pictures.

★Afternoon Sunshine Hydrangea Field (午後陽光繡球花田)

Information: 午後陽光繡球花田

In the Zhuzihu Hydrangea Farm, you can enjoy many different varieties and colors of hydrangeas, ranging from pure white, pink, to blue and other colors, which make the farm show a rich sense of layering. For flower fans who like to take pictures, these are not-to-be-missed attractions.

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