New immigrant mothers from all over the world share how Mother's Day is celebrated in their hometown

Cards and carnations are usually sent on Mother's Day to thank mothers for their hard work. Photo reproduced from Pixabay
Cards and carnations are usually sent on Mother's Day to thank mothers for their hard work. Photo reproduced from Pixabay
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Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday in May in Taiwan and many other nations, however other nations observe Mother's Day on different dates and in different ways in accordance with their own traditions. In Taiwan, there are a lot of new immigrant moms from Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. They discussed with [Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] readers the dates of Mother's Day celebrations in their hometown and how those celebrations differed from those in Taiwan.

In Indonesia, children will wash their mother's feet to thank their mother for their efforts.Photo reproduced from 陳霈玲Belinda Facebook


Mother's Day is observed in Indonesia on December 22. Children bringing basins of water to assist wash their mothers' feet is the most somber way to honor Mother's Day. Children might have a greater understanding of their moms' devotion and hard work via this practice.


Vietnamese Women's Day is celebrated on October 20 and International Women's Day is observed on March 8. However, there is no official Mother's Day in Vietnam.

On October 20, Vietnamese Women's Day, which is far more significant than International Women's Day, is one of them. This day is also observed as Mother's Day in honor of the efforts made by Vietnamese women in the past to the struggle for national freedom.

Vietnam Women's Day is more important, in order to thank and commemorate the contribution of Vietnamese women in the struggle for national independence in the past.Photo reproduced from 東南亞新視野 Facebook

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The 12th of August, which is also Queen Mother Sirikit's birthday, marks Mother's Day in Thailand. The previous monarchs of Thailand, Bhumibol and Sirikit, are adored and respected by the Thai people. As a result, Thai Father's Day is celebrated on King Bhumibol's birthday, while Mother's Day is celebrated on Queen Sirikit's birthday.

Thailand's Mother's Day is August 12th, which is Queen Mother Sirikit's birthday.Photo reproduced from 東南亞新視野 Facebook

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Furthermore, Mother's Day is observed as a national holiday in Thailand. People will display the national flag and blue flags on that day to commemorate Queen Mother Sirikit's birthday since blue is the color that symbolizes Queen Mother.

Jasmine is the official flower of Mother's Day in Thailand, and the country also has songs dedicated to the occasion.

The representative flower of Thailand's Mother's Day is jasmine.Photo reproduced from Pixabay

Mother's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May in France. Children cook macaroni noodles in a variety of forms and make and wear noodle necklaces for their moms. The day after Mother's Day and Father's Day, May 8, is observed as Parents' Day in South Korea.

There are different flowers representing Mother's Day from different countries, and lily of the valley will be sent in Hungary.Photo reproduced from Tajvan Magyarországon Facebook

Many people believe that the carnation, a symbolic flower, is the best flower for moms. Hungary will send lilacs or lily of the valley on Mother's Day. Although Mother's Day is observed on various days and in various ways, the sentiment of gratitude for moms remains the same. Make moms feel joyful on Mother's Day with a thoughtful present, whether it's for your mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, or any other special mother.

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