European film fest streams 17 titles this month

European film fest streams 17 titles this month. (Photo / Retrieved from Philippine Inquirer Lifestyle)
European film fest streams 17 titles this month. (Photo / Retrieved from Philippine Inquirer Lifestyle)

According to [Philippine Inquirer Lifestyle], foreign film lovers can watch 17 European movies in the Cine Europa virtual film festival ongoing until Sept. 29.

“It’s the second time we’re organizing the festival online,” said Ana Isabel Sánchez Ruiz, head of the political, press and information section of the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines. She said they picked the films to make sure there would be “something for everyone to enjoy.” The lineup is a mix of comedy, fantasy and suspense, historical and human-rights films, a transgender biopic, and other movies centered on social and environmental messages.

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Before the pandemic, Cine Europa movies were shown in the mall for free. The movies are still being streamed for free at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., but one must sign up to get “virtual tickets” on where the schedule is also posted (Cine Europa Philippines on Facebook; @cineeuropaph on Instagram). An “on-demand” screening of all films will be up on Sept. 17-29.The 24th edition of Cine Europa also allows the quarantined audience to “travel” and see places, if only through interesting films that show the diversity of European culture, said Luis Morales, first secretary of the Embassy of Spain in Manila.


Headlining Cine Europa is the French film “Les Parfums (Perfumes),” a comedy directed by Grégory Magne.

“Vlastníci (Owners)” from the Czech Republic is another comedy based on the play “The Society of Owners.”

“Catwalk” from Sweden tells the touching story of an aspiring model who wants to work in fashion despite her disability.

“El Cuadro (The Painting)” from Spain is a mystery documentary on the painting “Las Meninas,” said to be “the most interpreted artwork in history” by painter Diego Velázquez.

A coproduction of Spain, France and Luxembourg, “O Que Arde (Fire Will Come)” is about a former prisoner looking forward to a quiet life, until fire ruins everything. The film is directed by Oliver Laxe and a Jury Prize winner in Cannes.

“Nos Batailles (Our Struggles)” from Belgium elaborates the difficulty that a man must face after his wife abandons his family. The Netherlands’ “The Warden” shows the fight of a warden who is being booted out after a century of service.

Germany and France copresent “Das Vorspiel (The Audition),” a story on how a violinist’s passion threatens to break her family.

2021 Cine Europa 24 virtual film festival. (Photo / Retrieved from ABS-CBN News)

2021 Cine Europa 24 virtual film festival. (Photo / Retrieved from ABS-CBN News)

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Poland presents “The Lure,” a fantasy horror musical on two mermaid sisters who end up performing in a nightclub.

“La Madre (The Mother)” is an Italian film that talks about the passion and torments of a priest, his mother, and one of his parishioners. “I Doulia tis (Her Job)” from Greece is about a mother longing for independence and a new life.

“Einer wie Erika (Erik and Erika)” from Austria is a true story of world champion skier Erik Schinegger, and his life as a woman, his transition, and his fight for transgender rights.

Finland’s “Aurora” is a dramedy on immigration and addiction. Germany’s “Kokon (Cocoon)” shows the adventures of a 14-year-old Berliner into adulthood.

According to [Philippine Inquirer Lifestyle], other films are “Trezon” from Hungary, “Vores mand i Amerika (The Good Traitor)” from Denmark and “Acasă (My Home)” from Romania. INQCine Europa 2021 is presented by the EU Delegation, EU Member States, Goethe Institut Manila, Philippine-Italian Association, Instituto Cervantes de Manila, and the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

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