Philippine nationals tricked into allegedly working as money mules.  

According to FOCUS TAIWAN, twenty migrant workers from the Philippines have been arrested for allegedly working as money mules for an internet fraud ring.

At a press conference, Hsu Chao-pin (徐釗斌) from the CIB's International Criminal Affairs Division said the 20 suspects were arrested during raids in Keelung, Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan and Miaoli on Jan. 18, March 22 and April 19.

The group in Taiwan was headed by a 35-year-old Filipino migrant worker, identified only as Eda, who allegedly had been recruited by a fraud ring based in the Philippines, according to Hsu.

FOCUS TAIWAN mentions, the scam had generated an estimated NT$10 million (US$359,943) for the fraud ring, which was operating mainly via online dating websites, according to the CIB.

According to RTI, Police say that the scammers not only targeted Taiwanese people, they tricked migrant workers from the Philippines into helping them do their dirty work.

The mastermind behind the ring operates remotely in the Philippines. He has accomplices here in Taiwan who are also Philippine nationals. Those accomplices tricked people into sending funds to bank accounts of other Philippine citizens.

RTI mentions, those account holders would then withdraw the money and give it to the scammers for a 1-3% cut. They assumed they were just helping out a compatriot with a bank transfer, not realizing that they were actually playing a role in the scam.

Police say that the ring appealed to Philippine migrant workers because it gave them an opportunity to make an extra buck.

But authorities say they’re trying to spread awareness: this is one part-time job, that could land you in full-time trouble.

Image courtesy of UDN.

Image courtesy of China times.

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