The Philippines is in the 76th rank of The World Happiness Report

The Philippines is in the 76th rank of The World Happiness Report (Photo / Retrieved from Pixabay)
The Philippines is in the 76th rank of The World Happiness Report (Photo / Retrieved from Pixabay)

According to Mandaue City starts free anti-rabies vaccination for cats, dogs | Cebu Daily News (, The Philippines dropped from the 60th to the 76th position in the yearly study that gauges the degree of happiness among people across the world in 2022, indicating that it was a less happy nation.

The nation ranked 76th out of 137 in the World Happiness Report 2023, with a score of 5.523, a decrease from its 5.904 score the year before.

According to the research, the rankings are based on life assessments from 2020 to 2022, and it was noted that all of the observations were made during years with a high COVID-19 infection rate and a high mortality rate.

A total of 1,000 respondents were asked to rate their current lives using the picture of a ladder; a score of 10 represented the ideal life in their eyes, while a score of zero represented the worst.

The Philippines, however, lacked survey data for 2022, therefore the country's average score was based on the polls from 2020 (5.080) and 2021 (5.904), the paper claims.

Finland received 7.804 points, making it the world's happiest nation for the sixth year in a row.

Denmark, Iceland, Israel, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and New Zealand were in last place, after Finland.

According to the World Happiness Report, Afghanistan still ranks as the unhappiest nation in the world with a score that dropped from 2.404 to 1.859.

On the happiness scale, Lebanon scored a total of 2.392, placing it one position higher than Afghanistan.

The research stated that the nation rankings for live evaluations only considerably differed between Finland at the top and Afghanistan and Lebanon at the bottom.

Social support, economy, health, independence, generosity, and the lack of corruption were the six main characteristics taken into account in the survey to explain the self-reported levels of happiness throughout the world.

The COVID-19 years 2020 to 2022 show average global life satisfaction levels that are just as high as those in the years prior to the pandemic, according to this year's Happiness Report, which also demonstrates how most populations around the world are continuing to be remarkably resilient despite several overlapping crises.

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network uses the results of the Gallup World Poll to produce the World Happiness Report.

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