During the pandemic, everyone has to wear a mask, What can parents do when their kids don’t want to wear mask during the pandemic while everyone needs to wear mask? Established for more than 40 years, Aizhi Books Co., Ltd. specially publishes a picture book "Mask Forest Team", that combines current events and daily topics, and transforms the stereotyped common sense of epidemic prevention into a story about small animals in the forest wearing masks. In this way, kids are able to take a health education course while reading relaxing picture books.

Aizhi Books Co., Ltd. was established in 1978. Through preschool education publishing, it spread the seeds of wisdom for children. CEO Xue-Mian You said that people concern about children’s health and learning under the impact of the global pandemic, therefore the company specially launched a series of anti-epidemic picture books, including "Little Virus Crown Comes", "Mask Forest Team" and "Big Wolf Clinic", so that children can learn about self-protection through reading, relatively,  epidemic prevention can be implemented in daily life.

When mothers share picture books with their children, “How do crocodiles wear masks?”, “How do animals fight infectious diseases?”, “How do monkeys design masks?”,  they can also discuss “When should I wash my hands?” And “What are the best ways to prevent viruses?” at the same time. It also allows children to become members of the mask forest team and develop creative mask designs.

[New Immigrants’ Global News Network] in a cooperating with Aizhi Books Co., Ltd,  Picture books written by famous authors are launching every month and made into animations with five languages provided, including Chinese-English, Chinese-Vietnamese, Chinese-Thai, and Chinese-Indonesia, etc… Which allows new immigrants mothers and their children enjoy their time together.

<Forest Mask Team>Writer: Yen-Ru Shi Illustrator: Jia-Chih Hu

Many animals in forest are sick and come to see doctor in clinic. Kangaroo with no vitality due to illness has to bend down his neck to check body temperature.

Monkey designers formed mask forest team to design masks for animals.

Crocodile’s mouth is long and big. Monkey designer spent a lot of efforts to design his mask.

Elephant hugs the doctor happily after he has mask to wear.

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