Ministry of Finance Advises on Recovering Damaged Winning Invoices

Ministry of Finance Advises on Recovering Damaged Winning Invoices. Photo reproduced from Pixabay
Ministry of Finance Advises on Recovering Damaged Winning Invoices. Photo reproduced from Pixabay
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The majority of invoices today are thermal, which blur easily due to friction. What should the public do if the uniform invoice becomes blurry or damaged and it turns out that it has won the lottery? If there is an issue, according to Ministry of Finance, you only need to find the original winning invoice and reprint it.

According to the Regulations Governing the Use of Uniform, as long as the profit-making enterprise that issued the invoice proves that the receipt slip and stub slip received by the public, and the items recorded on it do exist and match, they can redeem the prize. On the tax portal, check the unified invoice issuing bank number from the online service, or contact the Ministry of Finance and the National Taxation Bureau to inquire about the business operator who issued the winning invoice, the registered name and address, and contact the business operator to provide a note after checking. An electronic invoice with the words "reprinted" is sufficient.

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Instructions of e-invoices.Photo provided by E-invoice platform, Ministry of Finance

If the paper invoice that won the lottery, please ask the businessperson to photocopy the stub with clear transaction content. If it is unclear, you need to ask the businessperson to write the transaction content on the copy of the stub and stamp it with a special stamp for uniform, invoice. Reprinted invoices and blurred and damaged invoices that were originally won can be used to claim the prize.

The Ministry of Finance urges the public to download the "Ministry of Finance Uniform Invoice Redemption APP" (財政部統一發票兌獎APP), and use carrier to store cloud invoices when consuming, which can avoid the risk of losing, damage, and blurred winning invoices and not being able to redeem prizes. If the general public have any questions about the app, please call the free service number 0800-000321 for consultation.

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