Muslim Culture: Ramadan Night Market in Colon

Muslim Culture: Ramadan Night Market in Colon (Photo / Retrieved from Pixabay)
Muslim Culture: Ramadan Night Market in Colon (Photo / Retrieved from Pixabay)

According to Ramadan Night Market: Experience the best of Muslim culture starting tonight in Colon | Cebu Daily News (, now that summer has arrived, Cebuanos will have more to look forward to than just taking vacations away from the city, especially this month.

In order to emphasize the best aspects of Muslim culture during the month of Ramadan, the Cebu City administration and the Office of Muslim Affairs and Indigenous Communities (OMAIC) opened the first-ever "Ramadan Night Market."

The Ramadan Night Market will begin this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, March 24, 25, and 26, and will continue every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in April, according to Maria Pino, head of the Cebu City United Vendors Association (CCUVA), who made the announcement at a press conference on Friday, March 24, 2023.

While the usual night market sellers are welcome to participate in the Ramadan Night Market, a location close to Gaisano Main which across from the University of the Visayas would be reserved exclusively for Halal food, according to her.

The Colon Night Market, which would cover the area from Metro Colon up to the Colon marker in Barangay Parian, will also be designated as a place for Muslims to pray. According to Pino, the Ramadan Night Market will welcome 300 sellers, 70% of them will be Muslim.

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