I have infected COVID-19. What should I be aware of?

Image courtesy of MOL.
Image courtesy of MOL.

After the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced 207 new confirmed cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Taiwan on May 16. Many people are concerned about the possibility of getting the COVID-19 disease. Therefore, CECC has announced a guidance for those tested positive in a COVID-19 test.   

  • I have infected COVID-19. What should I be aware of?
  1. Most people infected with COVID-19 have mild symptoms and they can recover at their own pace. In order to reserve medical resources for critically ill patients, please stay at home and do not leave, and wait for the notification from public health personnel.
  2. Please use a separate room for one person at home, try to use different bathroom equipment from your family and do not leave the room.
  3. Please avoid contact with other people living at home, especially the elderly, young children or family members with weak immune system.
  4. Please wear a mask and pay attention to hand hygiene (wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol).
  5. If you have fever, you can use antipyretics to relieve the symptoms, stay in bed and drink water as much as possible.
  6. Be sure to observe the changes in your symptoms. If you are experiencing the following symptoms: wheezing, breathing difficulties, persistent chest pain, chest tightness, unconsciousness, blue skin - lips or nail bed, please contact 119, the Health Bureau or dial 1922 immediately.
  7. Please follow the instructions to seek medical attention and do not take public transportation.
  8. Ask your family members to prepare food and water for you and do not share meals or items with them.
  9. Please use disinfectants or alcohol to clean the frequently touched surfaces and objects.
  10. Call my close contacts (from the first three days of the onset of symptoms before the quarantine, I had shared meals, lived together or had contact with them face to face for more than 15 minutes without wearing a mask) and asked them to self-isolate and monitor their health condition.

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