New Immigrants are Encouraged to Cast for Rising New Immigrants themed Series

Series casting call for foreign actors Photo provided by化外之醫
Series casting call for foreign actors Photo provided by化外之醫
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[Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] More and more film and television productions with the subject of recent immigration from Southeast Asia are vauled in Taiwan. Out/Marriage(失婚記), The Immortal's Play(神戲), The Good Daughter(阿紫), Nyonya's Taste of Life(娘惹滋味), VƯỢT QUA ĐẠI DƯƠNG ĐỂ YÊU THƯƠNG(飄洋過海來愛你), Days Before the Millennium(徘徊年代), etc., also received great results in the Golden Bell Awards and Golden Horse Awards, and they helped outstanding new immigrants actresses (莫愛芳,阮秋姮,范瑞薔薇,阮安妮) gain notoriety.

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VƯỢT QUA ĐẠI DƯƠNG ĐỂ YÊU THƯƠNG(飄洋過海來愛你) was nominated for The best drama series of 56th Golden Bell Awards. Photo provided by the production

Filming for the series (化外之醫) themed with the issues of new immigrants will begin this year. The production firm confesses that it is challenging to cast new immigrants’ actors that are suitable. There are three or four production crews struggling to find new immigrants actors this year. Related themes are appearing more frequently in movies and television shows as the number of migrant workers and members of the second generation immigrants rises. There will be a rise in demand for performers who have similar identities in the future.

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Annie Nguyen, who has participated in many drama performances, actually performed the story of Taiwan's first Vietnamese opera actor in the movie The Immortal's Play(神戲) Photo provided by the production

With the theme of new immigrants' issues, the series (化外之醫) sets Vietnamese medical fraud as the leading role, and the story revolves around the new immigrants from Southeast Asia. Therefore, the leading roles, supporting roles to extras, must equipped with Southeast Asian backgrounds. Executive director (吳芮甄) of the casting platform, said that ideally, before a role is cast, 30 actors are required to audition to find the most suitable candidate. However, currently there are some roles, the number of auditions is less than 5, and the selection time has to be extended from 2 months to 3.5 months.

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Nguyễn Thu Hằng(阮秋姮), a new Vietnamese immigrant, was nominated for the "Most Promising New Actress" at the 56th Golden Bell Awards Photo provided by Nguyễn Thu Hằng(阮秋姮)

Executive director (吳芮甄) said that being close to the society is a characteristic of the film and television industry. In Taiwan, there are an increasing number of new immigrants, and subjects relating to them will begin to receive more attention. Numerous individuals with appropriate identities are required because these tales will be turned into drama films. Finding Taiwanese performers to portray the part is always challenging. It differs from the others in appearance as well as language proficiency. The most authentic performance can only be achieved by recruiting new immigrants to play the roles in this production. Numerous series this year have new immigrants as their basis, three or four productions are also looking for new residents’ actors.

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Actress (范瑞薔薇) has participated in many drama performances on the issue of new immigrants, and has performed in excellent dramas.

Take the series(化外之醫) as an example. The production company's solicitation targets include Filipino women and Thai men with age of 28 to 35, as well as a large number of Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, and Filipino extras. The production is equipped with professional translators. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have acting experience. Executive director (吳芮甄) indicates that sometimes amateur performances are unexpectedly natural. She hopes that new immigrants not to set limits on themselves, and they can boldly submit their resumes, or register on actor casting platforms, so that it will be more performance opportunities for new immigrants in the future.

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Second-generation immigrant,  IN J(李音杰) from Indonesia, brings his high popularity in Indonesia to Taiwan entertainment industry. Photo reproduced from IN J(李音杰) ’s Instagram   (@inj_mrcomedy711)


1. Of southeast Asian ethnicity or nationality and fluent in southeast Asian languages (Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, or Thai

2. No acting experience is required

3. No gender limit, age 20 and above

Casting dates: Dec 2022 - Jan 2023

▌Casting location: Taipei

▌Filming dates: Mar - Jun 2023

▌Filming location: Southern Taiwan

For inquiries, please contact

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