Taiwan International Marathon enters "Asia Marathon Major League "

Taiwan International Marathon enters "Asia Marathon Major League "

NIA Global News】/translated by Amy Hsieh

The Asia Marathon Major League, established in a video conferencing at the Garden Hotel in Taipei, has become the world's first international organization of the Marathon Major League.

And the Asia Marathon Major League has listed Hsinchu's Taiwan International Marathon as one of the major events of the Asian Marathon League,

The first Asian Marathon Major League is chaired by Lu Ruizhong, President of the Taiwan International Marathon Exchange Association, he hopes to turn Taiwan's sports into an international event.

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Lu Ruizhong himself is a former national marathon record holder. He is a man with more than 40 years of experience in marathon events. He has participated in events as runners, national coaches and event execution. Now he is also one of the main promoters of the Asian Marathon League.

In addition, the Asia Marathon Major League includes 8 high-quality international events such as the Taiwan International Marathon, the Bangsaen Full and Half Marathon, Maybank Bali Marathon, the Bhutan International Marathon, the Hanoi Marathon in Vietnam, the Halong Bay Marathon in Vietnam and the Korea International Marathon.

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Image courtesy of Asia Marathon Major League.

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