According to the calculation of the Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency, there are in total over millions of new immigrants in Taiwan by the end of October in 2021. No matter the new immigrants come to Taiwan for studying, working, or marriage. Taiwan’s multi-culture has added a more splendid chapter with their striving experiences. The world can re-discover Taiwan from a different perspective. These excellent new immigrants have become great models for Taiwan’s international popularity and become the “new” glory of Taiwan.


【Taiwan Immigrant’s Global News network】launches the unit of Outstanding immigrants in Taiwan. We interviewed a few beloved new immigrants for our readers. With their excellent accomplishments, Taiwan could exert our visibility and influence with our wonderful stories on the international platform.


Outstanding immigrants in Taiwan - Wang Shu Chen (Thailand)


Wang Shu Chen is a three times Golden Bell Awards winner. With her beautiful voice and clear Chinese articulation, it is hard to believe that she is a new immigrant from Thailand. Wang Shu Chen was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The process of how she came to Taiwan was a lot like the description from the history textbook describing Chinese modern history. Wang Shu Chen’s grandfather was from the middle of the last century who was in the army and followed general, Sun Li Ren from China to the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Her parents were born in Myanmar and she was in Thailand. When she was in elementary school, her family had the chance to apply for a dwelling in Taiwan.


Outstanding immigrants in Taiwan - Wang Shu Chen (Thailand)


Probably due to this displacement that her family had experienced, Wang Shu Chen was once confused about the belonging of her hometown when she was little.

When they just moved to Taiwan, they lived next to National Taiwan University’s experimental farm. She would have the opportunity to walk into the forest in the mountains. The natural environment reminded her of her childhood in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Maybe there was already a familiar connection with the mountain forest in her gene. Wang Shu Chen has developed a great interest in the natural ecosystem which officially opened up her connection with environmental education.


Outstanding immigrants in Taiwan - Wang Shu Chen (Thailand)


Wang Shu Chen studied journalism and communication in college. After graduating, she became a radio station host and won three Golden Bell Awards. She has always paid a lot of attention to natural ecosystem education. In 2010, she established the first social enterprise with the concept of environmental education in Taiwan, Friendly Seed. They eagerly give speeches everywhere and conduct all kinds of courses about environmental education. They want to take real action to promote the important issue of protecting our environment.

Maybe because of the drifting history that she and her family had experienced, where your hometown is and your ancestry come from do not seem to matter anymore. Home is where you set your feet in. Everyone lives on the same planet, shares the resource from Earth, breathes the same air, and is shone by the same sunshine. We should have ideas about cross-racial and cross-country because Earth is home to everyone.


Outstanding immigrants in Taiwan - Wang Shu Chen (Thailand)


Wang Shu Chen dedicates herself to educational promotion. She has received approvals from many domestic and foreign companies and agencies. She has shared and addressed her experiences with the international environmental education association many times. The international authority, TED Talk even invited her to give a speech. International enterprises such as Alibaba Group, Microsoft, and international banks all ask her to provide lessons on environmental education for their companies. Through Wang Shu Chen’s sharing, the world could notice how much Taiwan has paid for environmental education. Taiwan’s performance on environmental education has received a high appraise in the field of international environmental education. Through Wang Shu Chen’s promotion of environmental education, the world has the chance to see how much Taiwan cares about environmental protection.



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