The Ministry of Labor offers subsidies to help workers on unpaid leave

Photo/Provided by Radio Taiwan International
Photo/Provided by Radio Taiwan International
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The introduction of Covid-19 regulations has seen the surge in the number of Taiwanese workers on unpaid leave. With no date yet for the full reopening of the economy, the Ministry of Labor (MOL, 勞動部) has come up with a strategy to help workers on unpaid leave with their financial needs.

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Photo/Provided by Radio Taiwan InternationalPhoto/Provided by Radio Taiwan International

According to the Ministry of Labor’s most recent survey, 21,133 Taiwanese workers have been put on unpaid leave. Taiwan has not seen this big a number since the 2008 financial crisis.

Main reasons are the Covid-19 related shutdowns of businesses like restaurants. And since these restrictions are still set to be lifted, the Ministry of Labor has decided to offer subsidies of NT$10,000 to help eligible workers.

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To be eligible for the subsidy, workers must have labor insurance coverage for a monthly salary between NT$24,000 to NT$34,800 and if their May or June salary dropped by more than 20% from their April pay. Covid-19 cases in Taiwan surged in May and June this year.

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