Pingtung County Government Launched YouBike2.0 and Pormote Low-Carbon Life

Pingtung YouBike2.0 official opening announcement. Photo provided by YouBike official website
Pingtung YouBike2.0 official opening announcement. Photo provided by YouBike official website
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Pingtung public bicycle YouBike 2.0 was officially launched in early February this year. Starting from Pingtung City, a total of 26 stations will be set up in the first wave. In the future, rental stations will be set up at Pingtung's core towns (Pingtung City, Chaozhou Township, Donggang Township and Hengchun Township) to improve public transportation services, so that everyone can take a low-carbon light trip by riding a bicycle.

The county mayor of Pingtung County led the public to ride bicycles together.Photo provided by Pingtung County Government

In addition to the official operation of the new bicycle system of YouBike 2.0, according to the Pingtung County Mayor (周春米), electric assisted bicycles (YouBike 2.0E) will also be launched one after another, which can be rent by scanning the QR code or electronic ticket (iPass or EasyCard). In order to encourage the public to use it more, those who visit Pingtung before the end of 2023 can enjoy the first 30 minutes of free discount on YouBike 2.0, and half-price discount on YouBike 2.0E for the first 30 minutes. In the future, Kaohsiung and Pingtung are planned Vehicles in the two places can be borrowed and returned to each other, and no cross-district fees are charged, making the life circles of Kaohsiung and Pingtung closer.

Pingtung YouBike Rental Discounts.Photo provided by YouBike official website

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Due to the launch of the new YouBike 2.0 system, the original Pingtung public bicycle system (Pbike) will gradually be removed from various stations. The two bicycle systems are incompatible. When renting, please be careful not to borrow the wrong bicycle or return the wrong bicycle to wrong place. The Pingtung County Government reminds users that in order to protect the traffic safety of the public, before riding a Pingtung public bicycle, users need to log in to your personal information on the YouBike official website or through the official APP (YouBike 2.0), and complete the free public bike accident insurance process. From March 7 to March 11, service personnel will be stationed at the YouBike station in Pingtung City to provide services such as registration and usage teaching on the spot. Remember to bring your mobile phone and go to the station with an electronic ticket or credit card, and the station staff will personally explain and teach you! For more information, please call the 24-hour customer service hotline (08-8849-888), and there will be dedicated personnel to serve you.

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