Taichung Gov't initiates ID-based QR Code to track potential cases

Taichung Gov't initiates ID-based QR Code to track potential cases


In response to COVID-19, each building of Taichung City Government has launched an ID-based system from mid-March to track sources of infection. For individuals who would like to handle various matters, filling out basic information to each unit is necessary. To make it easier for the public to handle their matters, Taichung City Government has initiated an ID-based QR Code for people to download their own QR Code from April 7. Individuals can also show their ID numbers to governmental personnel at entrances and will be allowed to enter if their temperatures are normal.

Secretariat of Taichung City Government stated that to avoid clusters of infection, Taichung City Government has carried out ID-based registration since March 16 to track any source and case. Individuals who'd like to handle various matters have to fill out their basic information. The Secretariat led the city government personnel to design the ID-based application to improve the original time-consuming registration, avoid contacts, and immediately track all sources and cases.

The Secretariat explained that this new measure will be implemented at every entrance of the Taiwan Boulevard and the Yangming Municipal Building. If the operation is effective, it will be extended to other public departments in Taichung. In addition to making it more convenient for the public, the city government will improve its database and efficiency of investigations.


People who'd like to handle matters to Taichung City Government can download the app

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