Tainan actively encourages sustainable tourism and selected as one of the "Top Ten Sustainable Tourism Destinations" in the world

Tainan Od Street  Photo provided by
Tainan Od Street Photo provided by
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Tainan City is the only city in Taiwan to make the list of the "Top Ten Sustainable Tourism Destinations" published by the renowned online travel agency Merano, Italy; Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil; Santa Marta, Colombia; Strumbosch, South Africa; Charlotte, United States; Hanmer Springs, New Zealand; Munich, Germany; and Penida, Indonesia; Austria's Salzburg are the other nine cities on the list.

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Tainan salt pans.Photo provided by Tainan City Government

Due to Tainan City's dedication to the growth of sustainable businesses and solar energy, Tainan will be selected as one of the "Top Ten Sustainable Tourism Destinations". The Tainan City Government claimed that in this respect, promoting low-carbon restaurants, constructing shared bicycle equipment, encouraging the use of low-carbon transportation, and spending money in low-carbon restaurants are some of the city's particular efforts for promoting sustainable tourism.

The Tainan City Tourism Bureau also noted that in order to provide a comprehensive tourist environment, the Tainan City Government continues to promote international certification, including WTTC safe travel stamps, and guides catering businesses to build multilingual menus in "English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese" and handle foreign language tour guides and sightseeing taxi driver training, among other things, in the hopes that tourists can enjoy high-quality tourist receptions.

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Tainan Guanziling sunset.Photo provided by Tainan City Government

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