Indonesian YouTuber praises Taiwan’s ‘cashier-free’ convenience store

Indonesian YouTuber praises Taiwan’s ‘cashier-free’ convenience store
Indonesian YouTuber praises Taiwan’s ‘cashier-free’ convenience store

By The China Post, Taiwan【看CP學英文】, Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network Indonesian host Sendy Wang (王月兒) often introduces Taiwan’s cuisines, real estate issues, and how to celebrate holidays in the Indonesian language through videos on her YouTube channel “Sendy Wang “. In the latest episode of “New Immigrants in Taiwan,” Sendy specifically filmed and introduced Taiwan’s “cashier-free” convenience store in Indonesia to fans back home.

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Indonesian YouTuber praises Taiwan’s ‘cashier-free’ convenience storeIndonesian YouTuber praises Taiwan’s ‘cashier-free’ convenience store

Sendy headed to the 7-ELEVEN “X-STORE No. 2” in Xinyi District, Taipei City, which is also the first 24-hour unmanned convenience store in Taiwan.The store is decorated in starry blue and white colors, giving it a galaxy-like feeling, and creating an atmosphere of futuristic technology.

Before heading into the store, you need to register as a member. You can also use your OPEN POINT card to register in-store or through your phone.A barcode for your membership will then appear, and you can swipe the code when you enter the store. The door will then automatically open for you.The merchandise on sale in the store is like any other 7-11, aside from the automated doors for cold beverages.The store also has a coffee machine and a rack for stationeries.

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At checkout, customers can scan the barcode of the items and the total amount will be shown on the screen.One important thing to note is that the store does not take cash and only allows payment through EasyCards or other mobile payment devices.

When heading out of the store, you don’t need to scan your “member barcode” on your phone again; you merely need to step into the sensor area and the door will automatically open.The “cashier-free” convenience store led Sendy to exclaim it’s both advanaced and extremely convenient.

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