Foreign Student from Belize Studies Electrical Engineering to Help Electricity Generation in Hometown

Foreign Student from Belize Studies in Taiwan Photo provided from Chung Hua University
Foreign Student from Belize Studies in Taiwan Photo provided from Chung Hua University
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Corey Garcia, a sophomore in the Department of Electrical Engineering of Chunghwa University, is a foreign student from Belize, a country in Central America with diplomatic relations with Taiwan. In order to help the power shortage crisis and develop solar power generation in his hometown, he decided to study in Department of Electrical Engineering, Chung Hua University in Taiwan.

20-year-old Corey Garcia was born and raised in Belize's San Ignacio. After finishing high school, he attended the University of Belize in Belmopan, the capital of the country, to study chemistry and mathematics. He feels that Belize has been experiencing an electricity issue for years. He wants to pursue electrical engineering to learn about solar power generation technology, but the country's universities do not have any related departments.

Corey Garcia met Yang, a Mandarin instructor from Taiwan, while taking a Chinese course in his sophomore year of college. Garcia's teacher pushed him to apply for a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan to study in Taiwan after learning about his goals and assisted him in getting the Chinese name "Gao, Kai-Rui," which is mostly formed from the homonym of his English name "Corey Garcia."

When the COVID-19 pandemic peaked in 2020, Corey Garcia later received a scholarship and headed to Taiwan for a study trip. Prior to applying to the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chung Hua University, Corey Garcia spent a year studying Chinese at the Language Center of National Central University. Teacher Yang is delighted that Corey Garcia was able to outperform nearly 200 competitors and wishes him the best of luck with his studies and time spent in Taiwan.

Additionally, Corey Garcia stated that he intends to complete his graduate studies in Taiwan in the future. Now he wants to save more money so that he can give his parents a better tour of Taiwan when they visit him for his graduation.

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