The Representative of Spain in Taiwan shares why he chose Taiwan for station with Spanish new immigrants in Taiwan

Lukas invites three guests from Spain for this episode.  Photo authorization from:(@lukas engström【盧卡斯】)
Lukas invites three guests from Spain for this episode. Photo authorization from:(@lukas engström【盧卡斯】)
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Video authorization from:(@lukas engström【盧卡斯】)

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The director of Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Eduardo Euba, a Spanish restaurant owner named Jorge, and a well-known cellist, Arturo Costa were the three new immigrants from Spain that Lucas, a popular YouTuber from Sweden, spoke with in this episode of the “New Immigrants in Taiwan” column to compare and contrast the cultures of Taiwan and Spain, as well as the top tourist destinations in Taiwan for Spanish visitors.

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Eduardo Euba, the Representative of Spain in Taiwan.Photo reproduced from Spanish Chamber of Commerce Facebook

The director of Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Eduardo Euba, claimed that since he represents his nation as an ambassador, he frequently needs to be stationed in a variety of locations. He arrived in Taiwan for the first time after accepting an invitation to a meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan). He was impressed by the friendliness of Taiwanese people and in love with the country on a trip to Taiwan when Eduardo Euba was serving as an ambassador in Shanghai in 2015. Eduardo Euba did not hesitate to choose only one option—traveling to Taiwan—when he completed the application for the station in 2020.

Director Eduardo Euba said that he was aware of Taiwan's economy and the brisk growth of the semiconductor sector before he arrived to work there. He anticipated that the burden of Taiwanese living would be rather overwhelming. After moving to Taiwan to work, he realized that despite their intense work ethic, Taiwanese people still know how to have fun. He thinks that Taiwan's pace of life is fairly normal and that it is quite similar to Spanish culture.

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Spanish cellist Arturo Costa (柯源盛).Photo reproduced from Arturo Costa Facebook

Jorge, who relocated to Taiwan to run a restaurant, claimed that while he was working in Australia, he pondered moving to Japan, Korea, or the Asian continent because he wanted to experience the culture and learn the language. Jorge moved to Taiwan for six months to learn Chinese but ended up staying for almost 10 years because he fell in love with the country and its people.

Arturo Costa (柯源盛), a lead cellist from Spain, has lived in France and England and travels frequently for business. He met his wife, a talented musician from Taiwan at work. He discovered that Taiwanese people have a very positive, friendly attitude, and their personalities are extremely similar to that of Spaniards. He and his wife made the decision to move back to Taiwan to settle down which allows their children to live in a multicultural environment.

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Spanish al fresco dining culture.Photo authorization from:(@lukas engström【盧卡斯】)

Jorge compared the cultures of Taiwan and Spain, saying that Spanish people like eating good cuisine and socializing with their coworkers after work, which is quite similar to Taiwanese people going to a Stir-fried food restaurant for supper. Eduardo Euba stated that he misses the Spanish al fresco dining culture and believes Taiwan's climate is very suitable for the development of such a dining culture, as both Spaniards and Taiwanese enjoy eating while conversing. Al fresco dining would have been more suited to the pleasant atmosphere of dining, in his opinion. Howebver, the three new Spanish immigrants there all agreed that Taiwanese people prefer to dine in air-conditioned restaurants.

At the conclusion of the video, Eduardo Euba invited everyone to follow the "Spanish Chamber of Commerce" on Facebook, which features a variety of events pertaining to Spain.

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