Spring Trips in Taiwan: Arrangement of Flower Viewing Locations

Ruili, Chiayi Wisteria Season Photo provided by Ruili, Chiayi Wisteria Season Facebook
Ruili, Chiayi Wisteria Season Photo provided by Ruili, Chiayi Wisteria Season Facebook
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arranges the varieties of flowers in full bloom of blossoming season in all of Taiwan in March and April for new immigrant readers, organizing a flower appreciation society to celebrate the warm breath of spring and have a feast of flowers in Taiwan. No matter where they are, everyone may enjoy flowers with family and friends.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.Photo from Instagram @ccandyphoto

The cherry blossoms have not been damaged by the spring rain, there has been less rainfall this year, and the blooming season has been prolonged in many locations.

★New Taipei City-Sanzhi (三生步道)

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★Nantou County – Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

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Taichung City- Buzi Park.Photo from Instagram @chun_vision

The main blooming season for the Golden Trumpet Tree occurs every March. The petals open like wind chimes, creating a lovely sea of golden blossoms that is not too brilliant. You may travel to Taichung to witness this flower sea. Together with seeing Tainan's historical places, you may also visit Yizai Park. There are several campanulas where you may take in the blossoms while also visiting historical buildings.

★Taichung City- Buzi Park

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★Tainan City Yizhi Park

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Wisteria flower bloom in the Tamsui Wisteria Gardens area.Photo provided by Tamsui wisteria garden Facebook

The lovely and exquisite wisteria flower season comes right after the cherry blossom season. You may pay to enter the wisteria flower coffee garden in Tamsui, where more than a thousand wisteria flowers have been planted, along with a big wisteria flower shed. But, because wisteria flowers are extremely delicate, visitors are absolutely forbidden from touching the flowers in the garden. Afterwards we may travel to Chiayi County's Ruili Township. Along County Road 166, also known as Alishan North Road, you may witness a variety of blossoms from March through April. You may verify the pertinent facts on Strolling in Chiayi 漫遊嘉義 about the sea of wisteria flowers.

★New Taipei City – Wisteria Café No.1 (屯山園區)

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★Chiayi County – Ruili Wisteria Season

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Tainan Baihe Kapok Festival.Photo provided by Travel Tainan

The "Tainan Baihe Kapok Festival" (台南白河木棉花節) is also formally introduced each spring. Now travel to Tainan, Baihe, and Yufengli. From March 11 to March 26, the event will take place. You may participate in a number of farmer's markets, concerts during the flower season, and other activities in addition to walking the Kapok Trail and admiring the orange blossom route.

★Tainan City - Tainan Baihe Kapok Festival

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