Ma Jin-ling, the second-generation immigrant from Guangxi, shared stories of her mother's hometown

Ma Jin-ling (馬金玲) and the hosts.  Photo provided by IC Voice FM97.5
Ma Jin-ling (馬金玲) and the hosts. Photo provided by IC Voice FM97.5
Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】Editor/ Tim Wu (吳宗翰)

In cooperation with IC Voice FM97.5 【New Students Report For Sharing -We are in Taiwan】, a series of exciting stories about new immigrants in Taiwan is launched.

In this episode, Ma Jin-ling (馬金玲), a second-generation immigrant from Guangxi is invited to share her family history and the stories she and her mother experienced while visiting family in Guangxi.

Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】presents this episode in 5 languages including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian, enabling more readers and listeners to explore Guo’s wonderful journey residing in Taiwan.

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Ma Jin-ling (馬金玲), the guest of the episode.Photo provided by IC Voice FM97.5

Ma Jin-ling was born in Guangxi and moved to Taiwan when she was two years old, along with her parents. Her mother is a new immigrant from Guangxi, while her father is a veteran. She experienced discrimination as a youngster because of the significant age difference between her parents and the fact that her mother was a new immigrant, and Ma also had identity confusion before.

Ma Jin-ling recalled seeing several relatives for the first time when she traveled to Guangxi to visit them with her mother while she was in elementary school. They get along great, can communicate in Cantonese, and still stay in touch via communication apps despite her initial fears that it would be awkward to meet each other.

During her visit to Guangxi, Ma Jin-ling was very impressed by the section on "eating". In contrast to Taiwan, stingrays are sold in the local traditional market, and when people buy crabs, they buy a lot at once rather than just one. Additionally, unlike Taiwan, local markets will have shops or stalls offering food, goods, and apparel in various locations around the market. She like "corn ham sausage" over all other types of cuisine. Ma Jin-ling stated that she would want to taste Liuzhou river snails rice noodle if she visits Guangxi again.

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Ma Jin-ling (馬金玲) and the hosts.Photo provided by IC Voice FM97.5

Ma Jin-ling stated on the broadcast that she had had no concept of the term "new immigrants" before. She didn't really get it until she took part in an exhibition highlighting the experiences of 2019's new immigrants. She exchanged experiences (回外婆家的行李箱、家族遷移地圖) with other exhibitors throughout the show, which helped the audience comprehend the second-generation immigrants' growth narratives. Ma also included a brief segment of her mother's native dialect at the end of the program to the host's request.

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