"New Second Generation Good Voice” Taiwanese-Indonesia mixed-race Huang Yu-Han Creates Independent Music in Hakka Language

Huang Yu-Han is a "Hakka" independent music singer-songwriter. (Image/ Retrieved from Facebook)
Huang Yu-Han is a "Hakka" independent music singer-songwriter. (Image/ Retrieved from Facebook)
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[Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] cooperate with Voice of IC FM97.5 [Registration - We are in Taiwan] to launch a series of wonderful stories about new residents in Taiwan. This episode invites the daughter of Indonesian new residents-Huang Yu-Han, she is an independent "Hakka" Music singer-songwriter, with a beautiful appearance, she also has the title of "Hakka IU". Her father is a Hakka in Longtan, Taiwan, and her mother is an overseas Chinese from Indonesia. As the new second generation, she combines Hakka and Indonesian into her music. Make music full of diverse appearances and sounds

Huang Yu-Han has a beautiful appearance and has the title of "Hakka IU". (Image/ Retrieved from Facebook)

After being admitted to a university in Taipei, she rented an apartment alone. Through music creation, it healed the pain of missing my family and comforted her who was struggling alone in a foreign land. Since I used to communicate with my elders in Hakka when I was young, Hakka was the first thing I thought of when writing songs, and I didn’t think about the use of words and sentences, so I composed the lyrics and music naturally. She said that language is a medium of communication, which does not limit the creative style of music, but conveys more precise and profound emotions and tone between languages.

According to statistics from the National Immigration Agency, about 400,000 people in Taiwan belong to the second generation of new residents. Huang Yu-Han, who is also the second generation of new residents, may have grown taller and practiced sports since she was a child. She has not really encountered a bad situation because of his personal status, but she still wants to break some social stereotypes or inappropriate discrimination joke. She also mentioned how often Indonesian is used in daily life. Since her mother came to Taiwan after marriage, she speaks Hakka and Teochew more frequently than Indonesian, so she learned Indonesian from her uncle.

Huang Yu-Han released his first Hakka creation album "有時有日” at the end of 2019. (Image/ Retrieved from Youtube)

Huang Yu-Han released his first Hakka creation album "有時有日" at the end of 2019. The song "有時有日" of the same name uses two languages of her hometown (Hakka and Indonesian) to communicate with his hometown. In 2020, this album was also shortlisted for the 31st Golden Melody Awards "Best Hakka Singer Award", "Best Hakka Album Award", and "Best Annual Album Award"; the song "有時有日" is very brisk, warm songs, and at the same time represent the meaning of "Someday" in the Hakka language. In the show "The King of the Forest", Li You-Ting, the champion of the kick-off challenge, won the attention of the audience. His fresh and bright voice and creative talent are impressive.

"Both languages are my languages, and both languages represent a part of me." Huang Yu-Han's love and pride for the richness of her background, whether she uses Indonesian or Hakka, is fully displayed in her works. I hope to inherit the beauty of multiculturalism through songs.

In addition, the album "虛空現下" will be released in 2021. Each song is coherent, representing the mental journey along the way. The title song "社會現象" in this album describes cyberbullying in its lyrics. The rock style is presented, which is very different from the previous style. This album will also be shortlisted for the "Best Hakka Singer Award", "Best Hakka Album" and "Annual Album Award" at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards in 2022.

"虛空現下" was shortlisted for the 33rd Golden Melody Awards.

Finally, Huang Yu-Han also encouraged students who are currently creating music to try different things, "Although I have participated in many competitions in college, I still hope that I can do more and better! I think time is the last thing to save. Yes, you have to try many ways whenever you can use it! Do what you want to do, don’t be lazy!" Upholding the spirit of diligence to continue to develop Hakka music belonging to this era, let us look forward to Huang Yu-Han’s future works.

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