Learning digitally without distances!

Learning digitally without distances!

The National Immigration Agency has been launching a program to provide new immigrants free laptop and tablet rentals since July 13 of this year. To get an application form, new immigrants can book an appointment using the special line or visit the NIA's service centers in counties and cities. The laptop or tablet will be supplied to the residence once the application is approved.

 Learning digitally without distances!


Applicants can apply to rent laptops and tablets under this program as long as they have new immigrant status. There is no data cap and just one of the two devices—a laptop or tablet—can be used to apply. The tablet also has a 4G mobile Internet access feature. National Immigration Agency further announced that "vulnerable new immigrant families" would be given precedence when it came to borrowing requirements.

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Applicants can request an application form at any county or city service centers of NIA, fill it out, and email it to nit@pcschool.com.tw or mail the hard copy to the 6th Floor (Project Department), No. 30, Gongyuan Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, to register. Applicants can also call the customer service hotline at 0800-030-068, and the customer service staff will help with processing.

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 Learning digitally without distances!

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