Poland needs qualified Filipino employees, the consul reports

Poland needs qualified Filipino employees, the consul reports. (Photo / Retrieved from Pixabay)
Poland needs qualified Filipino employees, the consul reports. (Photo / Retrieved from Pixabay)

According to Filipino skilled workers needed in Poland, says consul | Inquirer News, Poland, which is suffering from a lack of labor due to an aging population and the conflict in Ukraine, is in need of qualified Filipino employees.

According to Polish Vice Consul Tomasz Danel, there is a rising need for drivers, welders, pipe fitters, and construction professionals in Poland.

On June 1, Danel went in Cebu to celebrate the launch of the country's first visa application center outside of the Polish Embassy in Manila.

The change will make it simpler for people in the Visayas and Mindanao to apply for a visa so they may go to the European nation.

We observe the rise in job applications. Danel claimed that the number of Filipinos choosing Poland as a job location is increasing every year.

Over 2,000 work licenses were awarded by the government last year, up more than 100% from the prior years, he noted.

Danel said that more Filipinos had applied for work visas in the first five months of 2023.

Construction workers, welders, pipe fitters, and drivers are among the occupations with the largest concentration of skilled people. They are desperately needed throughout Europe and Poland. We are noticing an increase in the quantity of those applications, he stated.

However, as English is not commonly spoken in Poland, one issue is the language barrier. In order to address this issue, according to Danel, personnel are receiving training.

He promised that the Polish embassy will shortly look into the prospect of employing medical personnel, but this would take more time as it involves cooperation between the governments.

The war in Ukraine and Poland's aging population-related labor shortage are now factors. Due to how simple it is for them to cross the border for employment, Poland used to employ a large number of Ukrainians. There are many openings at the moment since they must immediately go home, according to Danel.

There are currently between 15,000 and 20,000 Filipino workers in Poland.

Polish nationals are also anticipated to travel in large numbers to Cebu and Bohol in the upcoming months.

Most Polish visitors, according to Danel, are drawn to beaches and scuba diving.

Long-term visitors from Poland frequently reserve lodging for up to two weeks.

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