Arrangement of Firefly Sighting Activities in Taiwan

Yun Hsien Resort has beautiful fireflies plus an ecological park. Photo provided by Yun Hsien Resort
Yun Hsien Resort has beautiful fireflies plus an ecological park. Photo provided by Yun Hsien Resort
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 Firefly development requires a harsh climate that includes both forest territory and pure, pollution-free water sources. The need for environmental preservation has grown in recent years, and many locations are actively restoring firefly ecosystems. Every April and May, you can see fireflies dancing at night everywhere from Yangmingshan in Taipei to Dongshih Forest Garden in Taichung and to Namasial in Kaohsiung. Remind people to observe the following rules when taking part in firefly enjoyment activities: don't create noise, don't capture fireflies, and don't beam flashlight directly on fireflies. To ensure that everyone can take in the majesty of fireflies without harming the environment, [Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] has compiled a list of readers' favorite guided activities and firefly sighting locations throughout Taiwan.

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Publicity map of firefly season in Dongshih Forest Garden.Photo provided by Dongshih Forest Garden

★[Taipei City] Yangmingshan

2023 Fireflies Season (2023螢光蝶舞-千蝶谷螢火蟲季)

Date: April 15th-May 14th

Location: Qiandiegu Insect Ecological Farm (千蝶谷生態農場) (No. 292, Jiantan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.))

Activity link: 2023 Fireflies Season (2023螢光蝶舞-千蝶谷螢火蟲季)

The beauty of Namasia fireflies is like a green galaxy.Photo provided by Namasial Fireflies Season (那瑪夏賞螢季)

★[New Taipei City] Wulai Yun Hsien Resort (雲仙樂園)

Firefly sighting in Wulai Yun Hsien Resort (賞螢秘境在雲仙)

Date: April 20th- June 30th

Location: Yun Hsien Resort (雲仙樂園) (No. 1-1, Pubu Road, Wulai District)

Activity link: Yun Hsien Resort (雲仙樂園)

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Fairy Firefly Museum (小精靈螢火蟲館)Photo provided by Fairy Firefly Museum (小精靈螢火蟲館)

★[Taoyuan City]

Fairy Firefly Museum (小精靈螢火蟲館) 

Date: Firefly viewing in spring April 15th (Sat) - May 28th (Sun), firefly viewing in summer June 3rd (Sat)- September 10th (Sun), Firefly viewing in winter September 16th (Sat)-October 15th (Sun)

Location: Taoyuan Fairy Firefly Museum (小精靈螢火蟲館) (No. 31, Daqingkeng, Longshou Village, Guishan District, Taoyuan City)

Activity Link: Taoyuan Fairy Firefly Museum

The flashing fluorescent lights of Qiandiegu Insect Ecological Farm.Photo provided by Qiandiegu Insect Ecological Farm (千蝶谷昆蟲生態農場)

★[Taichung City] Dongshih Forest Garden

2023 Dongshih Forest Garden Fireflies Season (2023東勢林場遊樂區螢火蟲季)

Date: From March 18th

Location: Dongshih Forest Garden (No. 6-1, Shilin Street, Dongshi District, Taichung City)

Activity link: Dongshih Forest Garden

Sinhua Forest Area NCHU (2023新化林場夜間觀察:森林饗宴.螢星點點)Photo provided by Sinhua Forest Area NCHU (新化林場)

★[Tainan City] Sinhua Forest Area NCHU (2023新化林場夜間觀察:森林饗宴.螢星點點)

Date: March 26th - May 7th

Location: Sinhua Forest Area NCHU

Activity link: Sinhua Forest Area NCHU

2023 Namasial Fireflies Season (2023那瑪夏賞螢季)Photo provided by Namasial Fireflies Season (2023那瑪夏賞螢季)

★[Kaohsiung City] Namasia District

2023 Namasial Fireflies Season (2023那瑪夏賞螢季)

Date: March 18th – April 30th

Location: Namasia District, Kaohsiung City

Activity link: Namasia Firefly Tour (那瑪夏賞螢季)

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