Vietnamese New Immigrants Collects Clothes for Foreign Fishermen in Winter

Caroline (阮秋姮Nguyễn Thu Hằng)  Collects Clothes for Foreign Fishermen in Winter Photo reproduced from Hang TV - 越南夯台灣
Caroline (阮秋姮Nguyễn Thu Hằng) Collects Clothes for Foreign Fishermen in Winter Photo reproduced from Hang TV - 越南夯台灣
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[Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] New immigrant entertainer Caroline (阮秋姮Nguyễn Thu Hằng) and the "Rerum Novarum Center" care about foreign fishermen working in Taiwan. During the cold winter when the cold snap hits, they raise donations for winter clothes and quilts for foreign migrant workers. Through the YouTube channel (Hang TV - 越南夯台灣), they sent everyone's love to various fishing ports, so that hard-working foreign fishermen can receive warmth in cold weather.

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Asuka, editor-in-chief of the independent media "Migrants’ Park" (移人) introduces caring activities in Rerum Novarum Center.Photo reproduced from Hang TV - 越南夯台灣

"Hang TV" (Hang TV - 越南夯台灣) is co-hosted by John from Taiwan and Caroline (阮秋姮Nguyễn Thu Hằng), a new immigrant from Vietnam. The couple share cultural observations and language teaching between Taiwan and Vietnam through relaxing-toned videos. In this episode, Caroline and John, together with Asuka, editor-in-chief of the independent media "Migrants’ Park" (移人), followed the Rerum Novarum Center and visited ports such as Wanli, Tapurun, Guihou, and Huang Gang. Most of the fishermen, according to Asuka in the video, are from Southeast Asian countries, includes Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, the weather in their hometowns is relatively hot, so they are not used to the winter in Taiwan, and they have no money to purchase better warm clothes. Therefore, the "Rerum Novarum Center" will collect supplies for foreign fishermen every winter.

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Fishermen workers line up for winter clothes.Photo reproduced from Hang TV - 越南夯台灣

A coordinator (李正新) of the donation of foreign fishermen, revealed in the video that the fundraising initiative had reached its sixth year. Fishing workers have historically gotten less attention than migrant workers on land, with the exception of attempts to send warmth during the chilly winters. Moreover, interactive services will be offered at the port on typically 2-3 days each week. They will converse with the fishermen in their native tongue when they are taking a break to learn about their living circumstances and to advance the rights and interests of foreign fishermen, preventing fisherman from being unaware of their own rights and interests.

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A group photo of Caroline (阮秋姮Nguyễn Thu Hằng) and foreign fishermen.Photo reproduced from Hang TV - 越南夯台灣

Several fishermen in Taiwan have been employed for six or seven years, and others have been employed for longer than ten years, according to the interviews in the video. Many immigrant workers are very positive, who are also very grateful for the collection of clothes. Although there is no way to visit all the fishing ports in the video, it is anticipated that more people can see the contribution of fishermen in Taiwan.

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