Vietjet Air to Resume Taipei-Da Nang Direct Flights for New Immigrants and Taiwanese Tourists

Rapid economic development in Da Nang, Vietnam Photo reproduced from Pixabay
Rapid economic development in Da Nang, Vietnam Photo reproduced from Pixabay
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During the worldwide epidemic's slowdown, the tourism industries of many nations started to expand, and airlines started to offer deals one after another. After the opening of Taiwan's borders, Vietjet Air likewise declared that it would resume service on the Taipei-Da Nang route. It also introduced a discounted plane ticket program, which not only draws Taiwanese tourists looking to visit Vietnam, but also gives new Vietnamese new immigrants easier and more affordable options for flying back home.

Da Nang is a significant coastal city in central Vietnam and a well-liked vacation spot. It has been named one of National Geographic's top 50 locations to visit before you die. It has drawn a lot of tourists from abroad for a long time due to its historical culture and natural scenery.

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Vietjet Air.Photo reproduced from Vietjet Ar

Vietjet Air recently declared that it will restart service between Taipei and Da Nang on July 1 of this year. The airline currently intends to run a total of 5 flights every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Vietjet Air has introduced a program to purchase business class tickets at a 50% discount from March 7 to May 25.

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Golden Bridge (Buddha's Hand Bridge) in Ba Na Hills, a famous scenic spot in Da Nang, Vietnam.Photo reproduced from Pixabay

Hanoi in the north or Ho Chi Minh City in the south are the primary destinations for Taiwan's direct flights to Vietnam. There are direct flights from Vietnam to Da Nang in the country's center region, which has a long and narrow landmass. Tourists visiting in Vietnam have another practical option for those new immigrants who intend to go back home or to Taiwan.

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