Brief Introduction of Household Deregistration and Pertinent Information

Brief Introduction of Household Deregistration and Pertinent Information. Photo reproduced form Pixabay
Brief Introduction of Household Deregistration and Pertinent Information. Photo reproduced form Pixabay
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Many nationals who have been gone from Taiwan for more than two years are unable to travel back to Taiwan due to the epidemic. According to the Household Registration Act (戶籍法), if one leaves Taiwan for more than two years, you will be registered as household deregistration(戶籍遷出), which is only a management measure of household registration. Ministry of the Interior stayed that the current Household Registration Act does not have a "removal of registration" (除籍) system, which is often interpreted as a loss of nationality or household registration. It's untrue.

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The court will classify those who have household registration but have been out of the nation for more than two years and haven't obviously resided in Taiwan as “movement” in accordance with the Household Registration Act’s stipulations. The household registration offices will They are required by law to handle the Moving-out Registration with the household registration offices to update the household registration data for the management measure it.

People with Taiwanese nationality are now not prohibited from returning to Taiwan due to epidemic prevention measures taken by the government. As a result, when they return to Taiwan, they can go through the Moving-in Registration procedure to protect the rights and interests as long as they enter the nation using a passport issued by the Republic of China, R.O.C. (Taiwan) or an entrance certificate.

The introduction of Moving-in Registration provided by Ministry of the Interior.Photo provided by Ministry of the Interior, Republic of China, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

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The Ministry of the Interior has had discussions and took appropriate steps with various units about topics including health insurance, labor insurance, and income tax. As long as the health insurance qualification has not exceeded 4 years, you can enroll the insurance after returning to Taiwan; if you have been out of the country for more than 4 years, you can renew the insurance after 6 months after returning to Taiwan.

If they pass the review, the National Pension and Old-Age Pension benefits can be renewed, and the benefits from the suspension period will be reissued. The Ministry of Finance will offer leniency help for the personal comprehensive income tax portion once the general public gathers pertinent documentation and files an application. To protect your own rights and interests, you can speak with the relevant authorities if you have any pertinent queries.

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