Filipino immigrant set up “Hello PhilTai Gen” to help people regardless of their nationality

Filipino immigrant Gen Huang set up a Facebook Page “Hello PhilTai Gen”. (Photo / Provided by Gen Huang)
Filipino immigrant Gen Huang set up a Facebook Page “Hello PhilTai Gen”. (Photo / Provided by Gen Huang)
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In cooperation with IC Voice FM97.5【New Students Report For Sharing -We are in Taiwan】, a series of exciting stories about new immigrants in Taiwan is launched. This episode invites an immigrant from the Philippines – Gen Huang (黃琦妮). She is the founder of a Facebook Page “Hello PhilTai Gen” that has helped countless people, especially the ones from her hometown. Therefore, she has been hailed as “Teacher Zhang” (張老師) who is enthusiastic about resolving problems encountered by new immigrants in Taiwan.

Besides, she also created a YouTube Channel named “Hello PhilTai I love Taiwan and the Philippines”. In the videos, she switched between Filipino, Chinese, and English freely.【Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】presents this episode in 5 languages including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian, enabling more readers and listeners to explore Gen’s wonderful journey of residing in Taiwan.

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Gen can switch between Filipino, Chinese, and English freely. (Photo / Provided by Gen Huang)

Being outgoing and having a strong passion for performing since young, she led other kids to sing Catholic songs when she was three years old and participated in theater acting when she was 5 years old.

At the same time, she also has enthusiasm for teaching. After graduating from the Cebu Normal University in the Philippines at the age of 19, she was serving as an English teacher and got married to a Taiwanese. In 2007, both decided to settle down in Taiwan. Gen was teaching English in a tuition center and then switched to online teaching after giving birth in 2012.

Gen is living a fulfilling life as a ‘slashie’ who is a full-time mother, a “Teacher Zhang” of immigrants, a host, and a makeup teacher. In addition, she is also a guest of various variety shows.

Gen has been hailed as “Teacher Zhang” who help immigrants solve problems. (Photo / Provided by Gen Huang)

By doing so many things, she only aims to bridge the gap between Taiwanese & Filipino cultures. “Many Taiwanese still stereotype Filipinos as maids, less privileged group of people, etc.,” Gen said, “Cultural differences are usually the main cause of problems in marriage.” Therefore, these have prompted her to set up her YouTuber channel, introducing different cultures to Taiwanese and Filipinos. The content of the video includes topics of “How to use Taiwan EasyCard?” and “Sharing stories of foreigners in Taiwan”.

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Gen encourages immigrants to overcome difficulties bravely. (Photo / Provided by Gen Huang)

Furthermore, she also collected resources such as second-hand toys and stationery for Filipino children. Receipts are also publicized online. There is a symbol of “;” on her hand which means pause and turning point. She hopes people with depression and excessive mental stress to look at the semicolon to cheer up and reignite their passion for life.

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