South African professor lauded Taiwanese integrity

Justin went to the police station to retrieve the lost wallet.  Photo authorization: Justin in Taiwan 我不是歪國人
Justin went to the police station to retrieve the lost wallet. Photo authorization: Justin in Taiwan 我不是歪國人
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Video Authorization:Justin in Taiwan 我不是歪國人

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In this episode of the "New Immigrants in Taiwan" column, Professor Justin from South Africa who has lived in Taiwan for 31 years will talk about his experience finding a missing wallet. Along with thanking those who delivered the wallets to the police station, he also applauded the Taiwanese for their honesty in the video.

Justin lauded Taiwanese integrity.Photo authorization: Justin in Taiwan 我不是歪國人

Last year, when Justin misplaced his cellphone, the police station immediately called Justin's wife and requested that someone sent his cellphone to them. Justin also produced a video for this that lauded Taiwanese integrity. Justin unintentionally misplaced his wallet a time back. The police department swiftly called him this time as well, instructing ecstatic individual sent his wallet to the station for retrieval.
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A year ago, what Justin lost was his mobile phone, and it was found and return to Justin.Photo authorization: Justin in Taiwan 我不是歪國人

Justin was really appreciative to the individual for delivering his wallet to the police station, but he also felt amazing. Due to the fact that he misplaced his possessions twice in a single year, but they were eventually turned in to the police by the public, and the wallet he found this time had both his documents and the same amount of money. According to Justin, there might not be as many trustworthy individuals as in Taiwan if this had occurred in another nation. They might not take the initiative to pick up and deliver lost stuff to the police station, even if they don't claim others' lost property as their own.

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Justin is very grateful for the sense of security that Taiwan has brought him.Photo authorization: Justin in Taiwan 我不是歪國人

Additionally, Justin noted that he has mostly had favorable interactions with Taiwanese people during the decades he has lived there. He is quite appreciative of Taiwan for providing him with a sense of security throughout the years since he believes Taiwanese are very kind and trustworthy, and he also believes that Taiwan has excellent law and order.

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