Avoid drug deterioration, Precautions for drug storage

Pill box Photo reproduced from Pixabay
Pill box Photo reproduced from Pixabay
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 There are equivalent measures in preservation to maintain the quality of medicine and good health, regardless of whether it is the ordinary medicine in the medicine cabinet at home or the ongoing prescription medicine for chronic conditions.

Blister packaging, clinic-prescribed medication packets, PTP packaging, and medicine jar containers are examples of typical pharmaceutical packaging.

Take only the necessary quantity at once; PTP packaging protects against moisture. The clinic's recommended medication package should be consumed as soon as it is opened. The medication must be placed into a clip and sealed or placed into a medicine box to isolate the air if the medication package is unintentionally opened beforehand. It is sufficient to firmly shut general medication jars and cartons after each usage.

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Press Through Package.Photo reproduced from Pixabay

Additionally, there are three rules that must be noted while storing medications: avoid placing them in hot, humid environments and refrigerators, and avoid repackaging them into other containers.

Medicines may often be kept at room temperature. It is unnecessary to store them in the refrigerator unless the doctor has given specific instructions, and doing so would likely result in moisture buildup and eventual medication degradation. The drug may degrade and lose some of its effectiveness if it is left in a hot, humid kitchen, by a window, or in the bathroom. The medication needs to be returned to its original container and sealed after use. Don't repack the medication into other containers to prevent taking the wrong medication or expired medication by accident.

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Avoid drug deterioration, Precautions for drug storage.Photo reproduced from Pixabay

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration advises the general public that if they have any issues regarding medications, they should speak with a pharmacist. The general public may also utilize the medicine bag to verify the dosage form, location of storage, and expiration date of various medications.

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