Foreign Youtuber Get Together to Taste Taiwan’s Authentic Chinese New Year Food

4 foreign friends welcomed the New Year with a high-quality New Year’s Eve dinner in Taiwan. Prozzie (first from left), Allan (second from left), Eddie (second from right), and Kiwi (first from right). (Image: Courtesy of lifeintaiwan – 英國叔叔)
4 foreign friends welcomed the New Year with a high-quality New Year’s Eve dinner in Taiwan. Prozzie (first from left), Allan (second from left), Eddie (second from right), and Kiwi (first from right). (Image: Courtesy of lifeintaiwan – 英國叔叔)
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[Taiwan Immigrants Global News Network] Allan, the owner of the channel “lifeintaiwan” from the UK often shares various moments of life and interesting observations about Taiwan. Now, Allan’s youtube channel has exceeded 20 million viewers in total. Allan is not a short-term student or tourist, but rather a “Zheng Gang Dai Wan Lang (正港呆灣郎)” who has lived in Taiwan for 14 years. Although he often changed residences when he was in Taiwan, he never left Taichung. He rides motorcycles everywhere every day, and his behavior is no different from that of Taiwanese.

In the episode “New Residents observe Taiwan”, this year on Chinese New Year’s Eve, Allan invited 3 foreign friends in Taiwan, namely Eddie who is from England, Prozzie the English teacher from Canda, and Kiwi the course tutor from New Zealand. They jointly celebrated the Chinese New Year. Everyone lives together in a traditional old house in Hsinchu, Taiwan, wearing men’s cheongsam, and enjoying a delicious Chinese New Year’s Eve meal, getting ready for the arrival of the Year of the Tiger.

Allan gave red envelopes to everyone to create a New Year’s atmosphere.(Image: Courtesy of lifeintaiwan – 英國叔叔)

As the eldest brother, Allan also prepared a lot of meaningful dinner meals, but before digging in, in order to create a New Year’s atmosphere, Allan gave everyone a red envelope containing a few questions, and the person who answered the question right could take the red envelope.

One of the questions were “How many zodiacs do Chinese people have? Name the animals.” This question is not easy for Westerners. “There are dragons, fish, horses, shrimps, …” Prozzie guessed very long, some right, some wrong. Some of the friends sitting around him also started helping Prozzie guess, and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

Apple Cheddar Mullet Roe.(Image: Courtesy of lifeintaiwan – 英國叔叔)

“Every dish we are going to eat today has its own meaning.” Allan first introduced “Apple Cheddar with Mullet Roe”. The salty taste of cheddar cheese and mullet roe combined with sweet and crispy apples is not only delicious, but also has the meaning of having a lot of children and grandchildren. “Then I want to eat more, is 10 okay?” asked Eddie.

White Radish Stuffed Meat. (Image: Courtesy of lifeintaiwan – 英國叔叔)

“White Radish Stuffed Meat like a big chicken ball, I heard that radish basically means good luck.”, said Allan while tasting the fresh ingredients. The white radish is peeled and wrapped in chicken and mushroom, topped with scallops. “In our country, there are no such dish, the taste is very unique, if there is an opportunity to come to Taiwan, you should try this dish.” Kiwi also wants to recommend this to his overseas friends.

“It’s an orchestra of various flavors collaborating to create the perfect concert” Eddie said with delicacy.

Orange Sauce Ribs. (Image: Courtesy of lifeintaiwan – 英國叔叔)

“This chef is amazing, the orange sauce is delicious, I like this rib too”, the sweet and sour flavor made Eddie eat with gusto. The sweet and sour orange sauce dish symbolizes “Good luck”, and this orange rib sauce is not only a Chinese classic, but also a good choice to start a meal.

Long sautéed mustard greens, which represent longevity. (Image: Courtesy of lifeintaiwan – 英國叔叔)

“Why didn’t the chef cut it into smaller bite-size pieces, how to eat such a long green?” Kiwi asked curiously. “Long mustard greens signify longevity, when eating it, you guys can’t possibly eat it, it must be eaten in one bite.” After Allan introduced it to his friends, everyone wanted to have a long life and take a piece to eat. Everyone struggled to put mustard greens in their mouths and ate them in one bite. “It’s hard to show elegance by eating these dishes”, Allan said that he noticed whether he was elegant when eating in front of the camera, but these dishes made him want to give up.

Heart-warming and stomach-warming "Yaozhu Garlic Mussel Chicken Soup" (Image: Courtesy of lifeintaiwan – 英國叔叔)

After they finished eating, they continued by drinking the soup. Allan ordered “Yaozhu Garlic Mussel Chicken Soup” for everyone. “Because the pronunciation of chicken in Hakka and Taiyu language is very similar, so today I invite you to enjoy dinner together to express that “We are Family”, the weather is cold, after drinking this chicken soup, it will warm the heart and stomach."

“I am really grateful for having you all in my life, I hope that the Year of the Tiger will bring wealth, prosperity, and happiness to all of you this year!” Allan finally wished everyone “Happy New Year.”

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