COVID-19 prevention measures all-in-one

Taiwan is facing its largest coronavirus outbreak since the pandemic started in 2020. To avoid the spread of Covid-19, Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) extended the level 3 Covid-19 alert to June 14 (later updated to June 28). National epidemic prevention press conferences are held every day to provide the latest and most accurate Covid-19 information to the public. As long as people follow the prevention measures, Taiwan will be able to overcome this coronavirus outbreak.


National level 3 alert extended until June 28

The extension of the Level 3 alert also means the continued closure of public venues and business places, except for government offices and those that provide essential services such as medical care. At those places that remain open, strict mask wearing and social distancing protocols must be observed, the CECC mandates.
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1922 Hotline Multi-language services in Chinese, Taiwanese, Hakka, English

To provide the public a convenient channel for communicable disease reports and consultations, Taiwan CDC has operated an easy-to-remember, toll-free hotline 1922 since 2003, which provides a 24-hour service.
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Three most common questions asked via the 1922 hotline Q1

CECC answers, people, who have been in the same location with the COVID-19 patient, will not be considered as close contact [any individual within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more].
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When will the results come out after taking the COVID-19 test? What should I pay attention to while waiting for the result?

Health agencies will send a notification if you are diagnosed with COVID-19. If you haven’t received notification after three days, it means that your results might be negative. However, if you haven’t received any confirmation of your results, make sure to avoid going outside or taking public transportation.
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What should I do if my family for friend is diagnosed with COVID-19?

CECC answers that people, who have been in close contact three days before the patient is diagnosed with COVID-19, have to conduct self-quarantine at home, and wait for notifications from the health agencies.
And if you show any COIVD-19 symptoms, including fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, diarrhea, etc.
Call 1922 Hotline immediately, and wait for further instructions.
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NIA new measurement QR CODE and Video

In order to spread the latest NIA new measurement, NIA has provided multi-language posters to restaurants, Southeast Asian stores, factories, stations, intermediary agencies, and pharmacies. (Read more: NIA reminds foreign nationals to be alert while local infection cases increase in Taiwan). NIA also released multi-language videos to encourage undocumented migrant workers or overstayed foreign nationals, who have been to Wanhua District or surrounding areas between, to get a rapid COIVD-19 test at the four testing stations in Taipei City.
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1955 Migrant Worker Hotline launches @E-Line service on the Line APPEnglish LINE ID: @1955mw_ph (https://lin.ee/jap3WmC)

To help migrant workers receive the latest official coronavirus updates, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) released a “Line@E-Line” service. MOL encourages foreign workers to use the Line application and follow the latest coronavirus prevention information.
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1922 SMS Contact Tracing system

Taiwan residents don’t need to fill Google Docs every time they head into a convenience store; instead, they can scan the QR code provided by the store and a text message will be sent to their phone.
In this way, the government can efficiently track your activity in case someone is infected and both customers and stores won’t have to pay for the text messages.
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Use Social Distancing App to avoid high risk areas

Social Distancing APP is a community project initiated by the Taiwan Centers of Disease Control and Taiwan AI Labs aiming to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.
The app was developed by Taiwan AI Labs. CDC mentioned that the app was finished in April 2020. However, due to privacy concerns, CDC did not launch the app right away.
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Eight tips for maintaining a germ-free environment

Taiwan extends the level 3 COVID-19 alert to June 14, due to the rise of local infection cases. Here are eight tips for maintaining a germ-free environment: 1. Always wash your hands 2. Leave outdoor footwear shoes outside 3. Disinfect doorknobs and light switches 4. Disinfect your items 5. Dispose of the face mask correctly 6. Hand your jacket in a ventilated place 7. Wash your clothes when you get home 8. Avoid lying on the bed before taking a shower.   


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