We have selected news related to New Residents this week for all readers, sorted out the four news highlights, and present them at the same time in the form of broadcasts, so that readers and viewers can quickly understand the news events of the week in the shortest time, and to easily grasp the news progress without falling behind. Watch the broadcast here:0216 NIA video news report-English

  • Expanded Overstayers Voluntary Departure Program helps you home.

From February 1st to June 30th,2023, National Immigration Agency will put the "Expanded Overstayers Voluntary Departure Program" in action. Those who report yourself during the program period will be treated "leniently," receiving punishments like no detention, minimum fine of NT$2,000. A couple from Indonesia in Hsinchu went self-report with their 3- and 5-year-old children. Finally, the family was able to return to Indonesia. The pregnant Indonesian woman and her boyfriend went self-reported to the Yilan County Specialized Corps. The Specialized Corps arranged non-governmental organizations to confirm the couple's relationship using Islamic traditions and assisted the couple to return to Indonesia. There is really a big difference between voluntarily self-report and being seized. Recently, a disconnected couple of Indonesian migrant workers went to the Tainan Specialized Corps to self-report received light punishment according to the regulations. Another pair of lost-in-communication Vietnamese migrant workers couple were seized and brought back at the same time by the specialized corps. On the contrary the two were arrested and detained. Minister of the Interior (林右昌) and director of National Immigration Agency (鐘景琨) specially paid visit the overstaying 90-year-old couple from Vietnam who came Taiwan to visit their daughter, and remind them to abide by the relevant regulations next time.

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Overstayers self-report for reduced penalty! Let NIA help you home!Photo provided by NIA

  • Taiwan comes to Turkish Government’s Aid for A 7.8-magnitude Earthquake

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey on February 6 at 4:17 a.m. local time (9:17 a.m. Taiwan time). National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior took the initiative in gathering the initial group of 40 individuals and 3 dogs after receiving a notification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about an emergency. Turkish Representative to Taiwan (Muhammed Berdibek), Minister of Foreign Affairs (吳釗燮), Minister of the Interior (林右昌), and other officials made a trip to the airport to thank the rescue tram by presenting the flag. When 921 earthquake hit Taiwan, Turkish government firstly sent rescue team to Taiwan for aid. On the internet, Taiwanese people posted messages of support saying, "Turkey, this time Taiwan is here to help!"

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Rifat expressed his gratitude and promised to send this photo to the Turkish media to show them how compassionate Taiwanese people are.Photo reproduced from吳鳳Rifat YouTube

  • “Meeting Love” 2023 Shilin Residence Tulip Festival

The flower festival of Shan-Tseng-Chi Park in Beitou (北投三層崎花海), the Shilin Official Residence tulip show, and the Taipei Rose Garden make up the “2023 Flowers in Taipei” (台北春季花展). From February 9th to February 19th, a romantic tulip exhibition will be taking place at the Shilin Official Residence, featuring 130,000 tulips in 20 and more types allowing visitors to enjoy in sea of flowers. Additionally, the flower show cost free to enter, fantastic performances on the weekends, and a lottery for and taking pictures and checking in.

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“Meeting Love” 2023 Shilin Residence Tulip Festival Photo provided by Park and Street Lights Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government

  • New Immigrants are Encouraged to Cast for Rising New Immigrants Themed Series

More and more film and television productions with the subject of recent immigration from Southeast Asia are valued in Taiwan. New Immigrants Themed Series also received great results in the Golden Bell Awards and Golden Horse Awards, and they helped outstanding new immigrants actresses (莫愛芳,阮秋姮,范瑞薔薇,阮安妮) gain fame. Filming for the series (化外之醫) themed with the issues of new immigrants will begin this year. The production firm confesses that it is challenging to cast new immigrants’ actors that are suitable. New immigrants not to set limits on themselves, and they can boldly submit their resumes, or register on actor casting platforms, so that it will be more performance opportunities for new immigrants in the future.

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Series casting call for foreign actors Photo provided by化外之醫



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